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   Chapter 416 Being Softhearted

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"I'm at the door. I just learned from Nana that your husband was drugged! He had caught a serious cold these days and couldn't bear it. You'd better send him to the hospital. He went on a business trip this morning. Of course you can't find him in the company! You are fooled by Nana. Don't be angry!" Hearing Bella's angry tone, Marvin knew that this little woman was angry today and it was difficult to explain.

Holding the phone, Bella stood still. She didn't know what she was thinking about. After a moment of silence, she hung up the phone. "Wait a moment, I'll open the door for you."

She had no choice but to believe Marvin. She didn't have the ability to find out what kind of person he really was.

When Marvin entered the house, he saw that Mason was sitting on the sofa, holding Bella's legs tightly, unwilling to go to the hospital. He put his hand on his nose and coughed softly. "Mason, I think you'd better go to the hospital first."

Mason turned to look at Marvin. Due to the medicine and cold water, Mason's face was as red as a tomato and his lips were bloody red. "Why are you here? Are you here to watch a show?"

Marvin shrugged. "It's not me who drugged you. Why are you so angry? You can't always vent your anger on me. You can't always treat me as a bad person just because I didn't protect Bella well last time. I helped you two days ago. I'm your uncle!"

"It's not convenient for me to entertain you now!" Anger was written all over Mason's face.

He turned to look at Bella and said softly, "Help me to my room and find the family doctor. I haven't used a family doctor for a long time. Why should I go to the hospital?"

"Okay, we'll settle accounts when you recover!" Seeing his sad face, Bella finally compromised. Anyway, he was here now, and the past could not be changed. She would settle accounts with him later!

She must let Jane find out what happened today. No matter what kind of person Jane really was, Bella could still trust her. Bella had an intuition to trust Jane, but later, she should find out the truth.

to be with him and didn't want to go anywhere.

Seeing her expression, George didn't insist anymore. Instead, he hired a nurse to take care of her. He told the nurse that if Bella fell asleep, she should take care of Manson.

As a father, he felt a little guilty for not being able to do anything for Manson recently. He didn't think he was willing to give the FY Group to William. However, Nana was really good at tricking people. The new company was in tight corner because of her, and he had encountered a lot of trouble these days.

As for the matter between Manson and Bella, he didn't ask. Now his son had grown up, he really had no right to ask too much. George didn't care about Manson when his son was young, so he thought that Manson might be disgusted if he was concerned about them all of a sudden.

George and Erin hadn't divorced yet, and Erin didn't want to divorce. Under the pressure of public opinions, Erin had no choice but to draw a clear line with Howard!

And George didn't want to pretend to have a good relationship with Erin, so he almost treated Eric as a stranger in front of outsiders. Now Erin had to stay at home and wouldn't go out. She didn't take her eldest son seriously. She knew that Bella was no longer the same as before. She couldn't say that Bella was a poor woman who had nothing, and she didn't want to find trouble for herself.

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