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   Chapter 415 I Didn't Do Anything Wrong To You

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Chang Du Characters: 6814

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"Bella, why did you scold me? I want you..." As he was about to get up from the sofa, he looked at Bella who was standing on the ground and gently shouted, "Bella, I miss you so much..."

"Then come here and take a shower first!" She suddenly thought of how to remove the drug from his body!

With a gentle smile, Mason walked towards Bella and said, "Okay, I'll take a shower."

Bella dashed into the bathroom and aimed the shower head at Mason.

When Mason walked into the bathroom, he was caught off guard.

"Bella, what are you doing?" Waving his hands to block the cold water, Mason called out, "Bella!"

"What am I doing? Don't you know that you were almost taken away by another woman today and cuckolded me? Aren't you good at refusing women? But now, I haven't been with you for a long time. But you can even have sex with that kind of ugly woman!"

"I didn't!" He said sulkily and stood still obediently, letting Bella pour cold water on him. His hair stuck to his forehead, and he pursed his lips pitifully!

Bella was reluctant to see him like this. It seemed that he had some unspeakable reasons!

"Then why did you still stick to her? You lied to her this morning that you were sleeping at home!" Thinking of this, Bella immediately turned on the water. "When I came back, you were not at home, or the company. Today is Chinese Valentine's Day. I came all the way to see you, but you let me see you flirting with others. Do you want to disgust me?"

Mason stood still, his clothes soaked in the cold water. "Bella, she lied to me that she wanted to take me to see you. Besides, Mark isn't there. I don't have anyone else to support me. I just realized that she was drugged."

“……” Indeed, Mark was ordered by Mason to help her. Bella felt sorry for him.

"Honey, I know it's Chinese Valentine's Day today. I was on my way to the airport this morning. I wanted to give you a surprise. But before I arrived at the airport, something happened in the company. In order not to make you worry, I said I would res

m again?' Bella thought.

"Bella, why can't you ask me first?" He let go of the phone and dropped it on the wet ground. Obviously, it was broken. His tone was a little sad, and his sad eyes were looking straight at her.

Bella turned her head away. "Then why can't you tell me what happened recently? You can also tell me and share it with me!"

The next second, she bumped into a strong embrace. The hot temperature made Bella want to push him away subconsciously, but she suddenly thought of something. "You caught a cold?"

"Yes..." He hugged her more tightly and was reluctant to let go.

"Let's go to the hospital!" Bella's nose twitched. She had just poured him with cold water. If he had only been drugged, his temperature would not be so high!

"No need!" He gritted his teeth and said in a hoarse voice, "There is medicine at home. I don't want to go to the hospital!" He didn't want to go to the hospital in such a mess. He didn't want others to know that he was drugged in front of his wife. If the news spread in the future, he would be treated as a joke. It was because he was not vigilant enough that such thing happened, but he couldn't embarrass Bella.

"Mason, I'm not discussing with you!" "Let's go to the hospital!"

At this moment, her phone rang, and it was Marvin!

Frowning, Bella picked it up. "Where have you been?"

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