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   Chapter 414 Get Out Of Here!

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Chang Du Characters: 6001

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"Yes, I know. It's just Bella. She is from the countryside. What's the big deal?" She looked at Jane and down in disgust, "You'd better put her down. I paid for it tonight. If you don't give her to me, you won't be able to get out of this room today!"

"Lacey, do you think I'm stupid or deaf?" Mason roared all of a sudden. He put his hand on Bella's shoulder, pulled Jane away and pointed at the woman who had supported him, "Had I been sold? Are you on Harriet's side?"

Mason stammered as if he was drunk!

Who was Harriet?

Bella was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She had only been away for a few days, but there were so many women around him now!

Well, well, well!

Bella pushed Mason away. She was not only angry, but also inexplicably angry and disgusted! Although he was also a victim, she didn't know what he was up to!

Mason was pushed down on the table. Everyone in the bar was watching the fun.

"Bella, honey, let's go back! I can explain it," said Tabitha, reaching out to hold her waist.

"Honey? You... You are finally back?" Pointing at Bella neck, Lacey stepped back!

“……” Bella clenched her fists tightly. If she didn't come back now, she would be in a mess!

Was Mason a pig? Wasn't he very good at drinking? Why was he drugged?

When Mason held her waist, he buried his nose in her neck and took a deep breath. His hand was extremely casual. If she hadn't pinched him hard, he would have done something shameful in public!

Bella was very surprised that Mason, a very observant man, could be drugged.

She didn't know what kind of woman was Harriet.

"Bella, let me explain to you. Let's go home first. I'm so hot." Mason scratched his neck and clothes, like a red shrimp, and his eyes were full of lust!

"Well, Mr. Su, let's go bac

s cold hearted as before. He wasn't as unapproachable as he used to be. Instead, he sacrificed himself for the sake of the order! But Bella couldn't tolerate it!

Shit! He must have done it on purpose. He must have been hanging out with other women these days, so that Jane could accidentally see the scene of him embracing another woman!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

"HMM... Bella, don't do that..." As soon as he finished his words, he rushed to Bella. Because of the inertia, he fell directly on the sofa.

Bella winced in pain because of the impact!

Before she could scold him, Mason began to bite her lips and neck. He was not gentle at all. The hot breath and the burning touch on his hands were very frightening!

"Mason, get out of here!" Bella roared. She suddenly realized that it was impossible to drag him to the bathroom to take a cold shower, because she didn't have that much strength at all. She might pour herself on the floor.

"Bella... Bella, I want you!" His voice was a little aggrieved, and his lips were pursed high, as if he was protesting against her brutality.

"Fuck off!" Bella was furious. She had never said that before!

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