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   Chapter 413 Husband In Other People's Arms

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6361

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"Come with me. I know where Mason is. If you go there now, maybe you can help your husband!" Marvin suddenly pushed the door open and came in with a coat in his hand. Apparently, he had also received the news.

Suddenly, Bella felt that her information network was too limited!

She changed her clothes as soon as possible and put on a pair of shoes. Then she rushed downstairs.

He was in danger. Whether she was emotionally or not, she still didn't want that person to be threatened.

She loved him, the truth could not be changed. Since she loved him, she should give him time and trust him!

Marvin asked Everly and Jane to follow him. When he saw Jane, his eyes darkened for a moment, but no one noticed it.

"Where are you taking me?" Sitting on the passenger seat, Bella looked at the calm and composed Marvin and felt depressed. She was worried that what Nana had done would make her heart ache.

That woman was by no means a good person, and her means were superb. She had limited knowledge before, so she was more afraid of that woman. If she was smart enough, she would not get Mason into trouble!

"Don't worry. Your husband is fine. But I'm not sure what Nana is up to. Everly, are you sure now that she trusts you completely? " Looking through the rearview mirror, Marvin's eyes were relatively calm, and his low voice was unprecedentedly serious.

"I'm not sure yet. But I've asked her whether there's any further information about my family these days, and she said she would continue to look for them. Besides, she hasn't changed her attitude towards me recently. I don't think she is suspicious. " Everly answered seriously. About this, she was very grateful to Bella. If it wasn't her, she wouldn't know what regretful thing she would do.

"That's all right. Let's go there first." Marvin didn't say anything more. Seeing the anxious expression on Bella's face, he look

suddenly widened her eyes. She had already worn a heavy make-up, but now her eyes were wide open, looking very terrifying!

Bella reached out to push him away. The smell of alcohol on his body was not very strong. Had he been drugged?

"Who are you? This is Mr. Mason. He is going back with me. What are you doing here?" The woman didn't give up and was about to grab him!

"Clap!" Bella raised her hand and slapped her. She looked at her fiercely. "Who do you think he is going back with?"

"You! You! You! " She covered her face and glared at Bella fiercely. "Bitch, how dare you hit me!"

"That's you!" Jane stood in front of Bella and said. "I'll give you another chance. Please reorganize your language and tell me who he is going back with."

The woman with heavy make-up was frightened by Jane's imposing manner. After seeing her dressing, she was stepping back slightly, but she still couldn't help cursing. "It's not a big deal to bully people with power! He is Mr. Mason. We are just here for business. Where on earth do you come from? You are so blind! He is my boyfriend. Why can't he go back with me? "

"Oh?" Jane narrowed her eyes and stepped forward to get close to her. "If you say he is your boyfriend, do you know that he has a wife?"

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