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   Chapter 412 Someone Set A Trap For Her

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6805

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"Now I know why I'm always single!" Staring at Bella's face, Marvin drew a conclusion seriously.

Hearing that, Bella frowned slightly. She looked back at him and asked. "Why?"

"Because I haven't met a beautiful and interesting woman yet." He observed his niece closely and found that she was indeed becoming more and more beautiful. Perhaps it was because of her pregnancy, her skin was so good that it made people feel moved, and the charm at the corners of her eyes and eyebrows became more and more intense. Her face would definitely be more amazing than her identity.

Was it because of her beauty that Nana was so cynical and crazy?

Bella couldn't help complaining. "In my opinion, you are just a picky man. After all, you are much more beautiful than ordinary women. So far, I have never met a woman who is more beautiful than you."

"Oh, my little niece finally said something I like to hear." Marvin couldn't help but smile contentedly and complacently like a child who had eaten candies.

"Don't you understand that I'm saying that uncle is a little sissy?" Bella raised her eyebrows and her big beautiful eyes were full of malice.

"Well, I don't think so." He replied seriously.

"I'm so annoyed. Stop talking, okay?" Bella was already in a bad mood, but now she had to deal with a chatterbox uncle. Her mood was even worse.

“……” The driver sitting in the front looked at the boss in surprise, "ahem, ahem, ahem..." He choked on his own saliva by accident!

"Ahem, ahem, ahem!" He couldn't stop coughing.

Marvin glared at the driver severely. He had never been so difficult in front of others! But he couldn't refute her. After all, he really felt sorry for her last time. Now he was revenged, and it was his sister's child. He couldn't teach her a lesson.

The driver was so frightened that he didn't even dare to cough loudly. He could only suppress the sound and his face turned red. For a moment, it was so embarrassing in the car.

"Sorry, I'm a little too blunt." Realizing something, Bella apo


"Okay." His words pulled Bella back from reality!

What would be the answer?

Was it Mason, or the real face of Nana!

After moving the luggage into the room, Bella squinted on the wide and soft bed for less than ten minutes. Then Jane and Everly knocked on the door, looking anxious and nervous!

"What's wrong?" Bella was wearing a loose silk pajama, light pink, which made her more beautiful and attractive!

"Mrs. Bella, Nana asked me to divulge your whereabouts and take you to meet Mason!" Everly was so anxious that she wandered around, "how should I answer? I feel that she knows you have come back before she asks. I don't know if she knows that I have been subdued by you!"

"Don't worry. Nana must have been watching Mrs. Bella all the time." Jane was relatively calm. She scratched the corner of her clothes and said slowly, "I think the reason why Mr. Mason is not here is probably because of Nana!"

Bella's heart beat faster and faster. The pain she had been familiar with three years ago was once again overwhelming her!

The Mason she knew was indeed not the kind of person who would be easily seduced by other women. After all, she was not bad either! She had confidence in herself. Most importantly, she had some foundation to help him now. They had promised that they wouldn't hide anything from each other!

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