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   Chapter 411 The Childish Uncle

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6596

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"Uncle, what do you want from me?" With an alienated smile, Bella kept the best distance from the thirty year old young man and wondered what his plan was.

With a smile on his lips, Marvin put his hand on Bella's shoulder and said. "Bella, you are still the same as before. You look at me as if you are on guard against a thief. That makes me sad, I might as well tell you that you won't be able to see Mason today, and he will naturally appear tomorrow. How about I take you to a place to rest first and then go to see him tomorrow? "

Frowning, Bella said. "And then what? Don't you want to talk to me about putting an end to the news last time?"

"You are not cute at all." Marvin smiled helplessly. "It's not in a hurry. It's easy to settle it down. I'll take you to see grandpa. If you don't want to go now, I won't force you. "

"Let's go." Turning to look at Jane, Bella said. "You go back first and find a room at home to have a rest. Come to me tomorrow."

"But Mrs. Bella, how should we explain to your mom if you leave like this. Our duty is to protect you. If you... " Everly wanted to say something more, but was pulled by Jane, so she stopped talking.

"Marvin, the Su Family is with me. Are you still worried that I will be taken away by Nana?" As Bella spoke, she deliberately turned to look at Marvin. "If he really dares to take me to see Nana, whatever she wants, I will accept it. Anyway, I'm not in the mood to play such a bad game! "

Jane smiled without saying anything. In that case, she knew that Bella was quite certain in her mind. She would be fine.

But she was worried about Everly. She knew that Nana was making a big move. Even though Marvin was a gentleman, she was worried if no one followed her.

"You can't say that. After all, I'm your uncle. You can't judge me like that just because of the mistake last time. How about this? The two girls go with you and stay at my house for one night, in case they can't make it. " Marv

"Nana has been seriously ill in the past two days. She won't make things difficult for you for the time being. But maybe two days later, she'll be fine. She wants your kidney, there is nothing to negotiate with. Her disease had been delayed for a long time. It was time for the surgery. But, this is not her main purpose of careful calculation, you know? " He didn't want to embarrass himself anymore. He would like to tell her what she was most interested in.

"I know," said Bella calmly

"Then why are you still rushing out? Even if Mason is nice, he won't be worth letting you leave your work behind and go back home regardless of anything!" Speaking of this, Marvin was a little excited. "You are really troublesome, just like your mother!"

With a flicker of her eyes, Bella turned around and looked at the handsome face in front of her. She smiled and said. "So you are here to protect me and prevent Nana's scheme from success? I remember that you are not so idle! "

“……” Marvin really wanted to spit out blood. This little niece's mouth was so mean that he almost couldn't stand it!

She turned her head to look out of the window. Her skin was delicate and flawless, and her neck was extremely beautiful. The necklace around her neck was lying on the chain, which gave her a breathtaking beauty!

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