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   Chapter 410 Cold Water.

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"No! No, I don't know anything. In fact, it was just an accident last time. I was too impulsive, but later I really didn't check your privacy without permission."

"Then you go and find out which woman has used my car?" It was obvious that there was another woman's perfume in the car, which hadn't dissipated yet. It meant that a certain women had driven her car during the last three days!

Last time, in the video, Mason explained that it was a female relative. But she didn't want his relatives to show up in her house without her permission and use her belongings!

Jane glanced at Everly and nodded, "Okay, I'll try my best!"

It was not difficult to investigate this kind of thing. It was obvious that Bella vented her anger on others! But fortunately, Bella was very gentle. As a woman, she didn't see her husband at home on Valentine's Day. She became necessarily angry.

Stepping on the brake, she tried to control her emotions and told herself not to think too much.

She decided to go to his company to have a look.

Just as the Jane and Everly was ready to follow her to the company, Bella refused them.

At this hour, she didn't care about her safety! More importantly, if some girl happened to be there by Mason's side, she would be humiliated.

However, the moment she arrived at the front desk, she went coward.

She decided to make a call to Diana.

At this hour, all the staffs in the company were there. Since Mason said that he would go to the company later, it meant that he wouldn't be there. It was so obvious that she didn't have to deceive herself.

"Hello, Bella. Why do you call me now? Are you still awake?" Diana said over the phone with a smile.

"I'm at home!" Bella explained. Her voice was a little unhappy.

Diana was surprised and stopped her work. "Why don't you call your husband? Is there anything that you want to hide from him?"

"Is he in the company now?"

"No!" D

r, Marvin arrived.

When Bella fell asleep, she heard someone knocking on the car window. She looked up and found it was Marvin Su.

She didn't fall asleep on the plane yesterday. Today was supposed to be full of excitement, but she was poured with cold water all of a sudden. She felt sleepy.

"Let's go home." Marvin said. There was a gentle smile on his face. If one didn't carefully figure out his intention and purpose, he would definitely be a modest gentleman. His handsome face always had a faint smile, making people feel at ease.

Getting off the car, Bella almost fainted and staggered.

"Watch out!" Jane was the first one to speak. At the moment, she was frightened out of her wits.

What if she fell down and hurt the baby in her belly?

She couldn't let anything happen to Bella again.

"It's okay. You two stay in the car. I have something to talk to him." Bella's words reminded and intimidated Jane.

Jane nodded. She knew that she had been too excited just now.

For Jane, she had a lot of information about the important people around Bella.

As for Everly, she wouldn't make any big move unless it was a critical moment. Everly didn't even bother to change her expression. Even Bella sometimes was so annoyed with her chilly and distant courtesy.

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