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   Chapter 378 Feeling Sorry For Tim

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"Well... This is... That's what you said." She choked with sobs. Her brain was lack of oxygen, but she still wanted to get a promise. Even if it was a false promise, Mason would make it as long as it was his promise.

"Yes, I promise." Mason wiped her tears and snot and promised seriously. His black eyes were covered with thick mist.

How could he leave the world as soon as he had his love and children?

No matter how helpless he was and how he believed in fate, at this moment, he suddenly wanted to fight with fate, to compete with the God, and to stay with Bella. He really wanted to accompany his child and watch him grow up. He also wanted to grow old together with Bella. They could stay on the stone bench at dusk and watch the sunset.

She grinned and lay comfortably in his arms. She was in low spirits and closed her eyes to sleep.

A wry smile appeared on Mason's face. He hadn't kissed her enough yet? She fell asleep now?

Well, she just woke up and said so much, and he also made her cry tired. Then he took off his coat and got into bed. He pulled her into his arms and fell asleep at ease.

The next day, on the domestic and foreign news, the photos and reports of Bella's sudden physical abnormality and fainting at the scene appeared. For a moment, the scent of Bella was magnified by all kinds of small news, and then turned into a very different version.

It's said that Bella was the girl who had a strange fragrance on her body that the Su Family had been looking for for so many years. However, the Su Family didn't want to take Bella to the Su Family because of her humble origin, lack of education and cultivation. But the Su Family wanted to make a fuss about her fragrance.

Soon, the perfume industry of the Su Family was turned out. It was said that the Su Family had been working with a well-known foreign enterprise for so many years to jointly produce a limited edition, which was only for the royal family. It was guessed that it was related to the scent of Bella.

For a moment, a stone made a thousand waves, and many netizens bega

the hospital?" While he was talking, he opened the lunch box. He didn't have time to have lunch, so it was suitable.

Raul was stunned and quickly replied, "Yes, they are still in the hospital. The doctor said that Bella would be observed for a few days."

"Where is Nana? Has she come back to China?" He asked as if nothing had happened.

"No, she asked you out. I haven't replied yet." Raul felt sorry for his boss when he saw that Tim just paused for a while.

Tim raised his head and said, "I'll meet her after dinner and make an appointment for me." His office would not reveal the address, so he couldn't let her come to him.

"I see. Boss, you eat first and I go to work. " Raul pointed at the soup on the table and said, "This is made by a girl of our team. Have a taste." He still thought that Tim couldn't always focus on a married woman like this. Besides, even if Mason was seriously ill, what if he stayed with Bella for the rest of his life and lived with her forever? What about his boss's happiness? So these days, he took all the things that the girl gave to Tim.

Tim opened the lid, with a strange expression in his eyes. Then he said in a deep voice, "Don't receive it next time. I know what you want to say. I'm not in a position to make decisions for me!"

Raul was instantly nervous. He put his hands in front of his knees and lowered his head. "Yes!"

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