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   Chapter 377 The Doctor Say You Are Pregnant

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6306

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Holding her in her arms, Mason felt at ease. The good smell of her body made him feel sour and sweet.

"Silly girl, I'm here to see you now. But why did you faint again? Fortunately, I'm here, or I'll blame myself." Mason patted her back gently and shook her body. He couldn't help but want to use this move to dispel his emotions, "Honey, you're here. I'm not afraid of anything." Bella kissed him on the cheek and smiled brightly. She held his cheek and looked at it carefully. "Honey, why are you thinner?"

"Because I miss you very much." He didn't lie. Because without her by his side, he was not even in the mood to eat. He had a bad appetite, and he didn't like to cook. If he ate outside, he would have no appetite.

He didn't expect that a married man would really lose the ability to survive and will power because of his wife's return to her parents' home.

Holding his cheeks in her hands, Bella kissed him on the lips again and said, "Honey, I miss you too. But why didn't you tell me in advance? Are you going to give me a surprise? But it turned out to be a shock?"

"What are you talking about? Why are you so happy to scare me? Are you blind-hearted?" Mason rubbed her nose and pulled her into her arms again. "Don't move. Let me hug you."

"Okay." Bella closed her eyes and patted him on the back.

Mason was getting closer and closer to her, which made her hard to breathe.

"Honey, where are my mom and others?" It was not until then that Bella remembered that many people had accompanied her to come here. Although she had been unconscious later, she still remembered when she had just gone out.

"They are back." Replied Mason in a low voice.

Hearing his hoarse voice, Bella didn't make it clear. A warm stream swept through her heart, and her heart suddenly accelerated.

Was he crying, or was he sobbing, or was he worried about her?

"Why did

d said, "If you feel sorry for me, give birth to me as soon as possible and let me teach him to take good care of you in the future."

"……" Bella stared at his eyes blankly, bursting into tears.

Mason had wanted to continue the sweet kiss, but he had a lot to say at the beginning, so he had to endure it. But now, he touched the tear stains on her face. He was so scared that he opened his eyes and saw her crying like a fool.

"Don't cry. I'm fine now. And I'm not 100% going to... "

"Shut up! Don't say anything!" Bella raised her hand to cover his mouth. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

What scared her the most was that her beloved man had a bomb on him. When Tim told her the other day that her husband, Mason, was so strong and healthy that he liked to bully others with a cheeky face, was going to leave her secretly. Until now, she didn't know if the last sentence of Tim was comforting her. She didn't want to live alone in this world. If she lost Mason, why would she still live alone?

She didn't want to live without Mason.

Mason patted her on the back and felt sorry for her when she saw her crying.

"Bella, don't cry, okay? I will always be there." Kissing her tears, Mason continued, "I'll live well for you and the baby."

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