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   Chapter 284 Susu, I Really Have A Secret

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6671

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"All right, all right. Let's go first. Kayla Jiang has come down. Let's go to buy coffee." Seeing this, Diana Liang felt a little embarrassed. As expected, working at home, the emotion which was implicit but easy to breed, was the most complicated and interesting thing in the office.

Seeing the bad expression on Kayla Jiang's face, so Bella Su didn't have any burden and went downstairs to buy coffee with Diana Liang's arm in arm.

When May was staring at the side of James He's face in a daze, she saw Chandler Li coming over, holding his wrist straightly and almost falling into his arms.

"Hey, can I have a look at your design? I think I like your design very much. Although I'm just an assistant, I've made my mind clear that I should take the design path in the future." Chandler Li put on elaborate lip-biting makeup, now deliberately bite, which was extremely charming.

May was so angry that she glared at her. She turned around and walked back to her own seat. She was really defeated by this goblin!

She looked at her own dress and found that she was indeed not as good as her. It seemed that she had to learn to transform herself in the future. Obviously if Chandler Li left the high heels and eye makeup, she would be just an ordinary woman.

Chandler Li gave her a victory gesture and chatted well with James He by accident.

James He was polite to everyone, but he didn't like Chandler Li who obviously flirted with him. Moreover, he had seen a lot of girls, so he knew well about the trick that Chandler Li deliberately provoked May. After all, he had seen a lot of such tricks in high school, not to mention that it had been many years now. If he didn't understand it, he would really be blind.

"I don't really know much about design. I'm just an intern designer. If you really like it, you can buy relevant books and read them first. You should draw your design inspiration first." James He smiled politely, "then I'll go to work."

"Okay. So, I drew it for y

ing. "I think you seem to have the ability and identity that I don't know. If you really don't want me to know, I won't force you. But if you have any important matter, please tell me, okay? "

"Who told you that? That was all I can do after leaving the Ye Family's big tree. Susu, don't you think I'm not good enough? Do you want me to be like the previous Mason Ye? " Suddenly, Mason Ye put down his coffee cup, stood up and walked up to her. "If you want me to do that, it's easy for me to get the Feiyang Group at this time."

"I'm not talking about this. You understand!" Bella Su hit him on the chest a little angrily. "Well, well, I think too much. I read too many novels, and naturally my brain is strangely developed. Since you didn't, I'm relieved. It's better. If I don't even know my husband has three heads and six arms. What if I'm scared then? "

"I do have secrets. Does Susu want to know?" Mason Ye suddenly pressed her against the table and said in a low and hoarse voice.

"Don't be naughty in the daytime." Bella Su pushed him away carelessly and sat on the table with her long legs kicking. She raised his chin and said with a snicker, "I'll deal with you at night. Don't flirt with me in the office."

"I really have a secret. Don't you believe it?" The look in Mason Ye's eyes became unfathomable.

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