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   Chapter 274 Win The First Round

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6163

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Could she achieve her goal of coming here now?

Why doesn't the gentle of Mason belong to her? She liked Mason very much. For so many years, only this man always in her mind. He was unruly but gentle, excellent but worked hard. He fought for everything he wanted. When she knew that a man was willing to give up a big company to run away from the control of his family, her admiration for him became even crazier.

But why did he marry this woman who had nothing?

However, the wedding hadn't been held yet. Did it mean that she still had a chance? If she insisted on marrying him, would he rather die than submit?

Therefore, Kayla hoped that her appearance would be able to touch him, make him notice her good and forget that woman. She couldn't wait, so she gave herself a year's deadline. If she couldn't be with Mason, she would leave with everything she had.

Everyone in the company saw that Mason appeared in the company with Bella and sent her to office. Diana ran out of his office on purpose to ask what kind of dress Bella was wearing today. As a result, she saw her wearing a scarf?

At that time, Diana thought, "what the hell? A silk scarf in summer... "

Oh, could it be

As a result, all the people in the office began to gossip. Although employees here were new, there were many people following them from the Feiyang Group. It was said that the new company had a promising future, and more importantly, the benefits and salaries were much better. Although the intensity of work was not too low under the leadership of Mason However, they could get fair treatment, and their loyalty to a person was always so inexplicable. Half of them came because of Mason's good looking For example, those young girls came here to pursue Mason's beauty.

But on the first day of work, they saw their boss holding his wife's han

, Diana, May." Seeing people coming in, Bella got up from her seat and ran to them to give them a big hug.

"Hey, can we be more dignified? Look at the Kayla outside. She is so arrogant. I think she will make things difficult for you in the following meeting and arrangement of work. No matter what, you won just by the hickey Mason left. So you have been hated by her. How could the queen be willing to be excluded by you? Be careful. " Diana was willing to give in when she saw the state of Bella today, the white simple dress and the eye-catching embroidery, just like her temperament and beauty.

"Yes, yes. Mr. Mason is still so scheming. I didn't expect that one day he would silently give a head-on blow to Kayla. He planted so many red stars on your neck. It's really a trick!" May was quite familiar with Bella, so she was honest with Bella. She was even more excited to see Bella. After all, it was not easy for them all the way, and it was more difficult in the future. As a loyal fan, she felt the same way.

Bella blushed and covered her neck with her hands. "Don't you have any sympathy for me when you make fun of me! And why didn't Mason think about me? If it goes on like this, everyone will laugh at me. "

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