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   Chapter 273 I Remember You Are My Wife

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6632

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"But I..." Bella didn't think so. She was chatting with him innocently, but before she could finish, she was blocked by him. "HMM."

Bell He gently removed her pajamas, and there was an endless abyss in his eyes, which made her feel as if an electric current was blowing through her body.

Mason Bella's heartbeat and breath were disordered. Although she was used to his body, she could still palpitate and tremble involuntarily.

"Call me honey." Mason gently stroked her cheek, because this title could make him happy.

"Ouch!" when she was in a trance, he succeeded without warning.

"Does it hurt?" He frowned slightly and forced himself to stop. "My wife is so delicate. I thought you have been used to it." He smiled gently and rubbed her nose.

Bella's face turned red and her body became red all over. She turned around and scolded him in a low voice, "it's all your fault. You're not gentle at all and you've been in such a hurry."

Mason felt wronged. He was already a gentle man. But she was still young and couldn't stand too much, which would easily hurt her.

However, the corner of Mason's mouth lifted slightly and he had to leave a lot of marks tonight. In this way, the fact that Bella was his wife was self-evident.

Bella didn't know what was on his mind, so she quickly gave up and begged for mercy in a low voice

The room was filled with infinite spring light. The thin curtains were raised with the wind, but they still couldn't blow away the romantic atmosphere in the room

The next day, when Bella stood in front of the mirror and saw obvious marks on her neck, she wished she could beat Mason up!

Her neck, collarbone, and almost to the ear root were still so fresh and obvious with foundation!

"Humph, you did it on purpose!" Bella threw away the egg angrily and frowned. Her fair and bright skin was ruddy and shiny, and her light makeup was indeed perfect. She gently brushed her long eyelashes, like a butterfly flapping its wings

now on. Whoever bullies you, come to me. No matter how powerful they are, they are not as important as my wife. You have to exercise your right as my wife, understand? "

Bella's nervous mood collapsed in an instant. She couldn't help laughing at him, "honey, when did you learn to say such sweet words? Don't worry. Work is not that terrible. I guess most of them will be very good to me. After all, they know that you are my husband. As for others, it's my test after all! I will strive to the same level as you in the future, so naturally I will go through some trials and setbacks. "

"Well, but don't make yourself feel wronged. Didn't you say that you have me? You must remember my existence any time, okay?" He was still worried that if Bella was bullied by Kayla, he could not be with her every time

"Okay, let's go!" Bella waved her fist, "don't make such red dots on me in the future. Otherwise, I will beat you!"

Mason's eyes became deep, who narrowed his eyes and touched Bella's head with a smile. He held her hand and walked forward. "Okay, I'll try."

"……" Bella was helpless that he would not listen to her on this matter

Every move was clearly seen by Kayla behind. Seeing that they walked together in harmony and love, her heart seemed to be scratched fiercely, and she felt uncomfortable.

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