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   Chapter 272 Leave Everything To Me Tomorrow

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6587

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"But you haven't got the marriage certificate yet!" "Don't you know that most rich people have a distorted view of marriage? Colorful flags were flying outside the house while red flag at home would not fall! Kayla was the most representative. She ignored the fact that your husband had already got the marriage certificate and wanted to be the big lover in front of screen to replace you. If one day Mason doesn't love you anymore, she will be his legal wife... "

"If that's the case, I think I will quit." Bella was a little tired today and her words were not too emotional. She was too rational to break rules. "I will try my best tomorrow, but I can't deal with the future. Let's talk about it later. Besides, I'm going to be his wife. I can't deal with these tests too tight. It's too boring. "

Hearing her tone and words, Diana said, "you're right. If you really don't have that ability, how can you win the heart of Mr. Mason? But you'd better listen to me. I'm going to bed. Get up early tomorrow! " Suddenly, she thought of something and added in a loud voice, "remember to apply a facial mask tomorrow morning and your makeup will be more natural."

"Okay, I know. Good night, Diana. See you tomorrow." She had been very tired in the past few days. For the sake of the jewelry brand, she was so busy that she didn't even think about what happened to Ashley.

After hanging up the phone, Bella got up from the bathtub lazily. Water drops fell down from her body. As soon as her toes touched the slippers, the door was pushed open.

"Ah!" Subconsciously, Bella went back to the bathtub and dived into water to watch Mason

"Why are you so scared? I'm your husband." wearing only a pair of short pants and showing eight perfect abdominal muscles, Mason was indeed very eye-catching. Although they were already a couple, Bella still blushed, so her heart beat fast.

She only showed her face, "but I'm still shy. How can you come in swaggeringly and sudd

thers. Although it was not easy to communicate with others, it was very important for her to get in touch with her colleagues and be with her good friend Diana

"Honey, you're right. But if you find any fragrance in the future, you must come to me as soon as possible. I'm worried that you are not healthy. If you pass out again, I won't forgive you easily. " His action was very gentle, much gentler than those professional hairdressers. When he gently touched her hair and scalp, she was not afraid of being pulled at all.

Bella felt warm in her heart, but she became a little sleepy in the hot wind. She replied lazily, "Okay, honey."

"Why is Bella so obedient and good at acting like a spoiled child recently?" He packed up his things and carried her out of the bathroom with his arms around her waist. His footsteps were steady and powerful.

"What?" "Really?" She didn't know what had happened to her these days. She liked to call him husband, and he also liked to hear her call him honey unconsciously. He felt very warm and comfortable.

Mason's eyes became dull and gently put her on the bed, breathing fast. He got close to her eyes and smiled, "I'll be very gentle tonight. You're the only woman I love. Tomorrow, if anyone dares to bully you, you must come to my office to tell me, okay? "

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