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   Chapter 271 I Have To Wear High Heels Tomorrow

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6417

Updated: 2020-07-16 00:03

Hearing uncle's high comments, Bella took back her design and felt a little embarrassed.

"I'm just doing this with all my heart. I'm already very happy to be praised by teacher and my brother. Isn't it too urgent to decide the main series? " Although Bella really hoped that her design could be liked, this kind of evaluation came unexpectedly. She was worried that the public would not accept. After all, it was the first time for her to release a jewelry series. She must make a splash and occupy a certain position in the domestic jewelry street.

"Don't you trust Moore?" "You have to believe in yourself. Otherwise, how can you let the teacher rest assured? There are still a lot of things to do later. As long as you are confident enough to be qualified for this task, there will be no other problems. Gold will shine sooner or later. It's not a joke. "

Bella nodded and said solemnly, "thank you I will try my best. I am just a little surprised! " Her eyes were shining with a little mist.

She turned around. In fact, in the past three years when she was abroad, she had been working very hard in order to be recognized.

Finally, this day came. Panic, excitement, fear, loss, unreal, joy made her eyes sore.

A month later, Mason's new company was established. The jewelry brand of the Mingmei Group, as well as other hotels and real estate that had been acquired.

It was not until then that Bella realized that the company prepared by Mason was definitely not a small company. It was the latest and most competitive jewelry brand. The jewelry with the theme of "lover of Moore" was instantly recognized and popular in the industry.

It was known to all that Moore was a famous master in the world. It was difficult for ordinary companies to cooperate with his design. Therefore, the domestic and foreign media had made a big report on the Mingmei Group, and the popularity and heat of it had been

ictory as the wife of Mason! Besides, you must carefully prepare your makeup tomorrow. You can't be coquettish or lack of make-up. If you wear a little aggressive lipstick, you will definitely be better than Jennifer! " [梁冰], a cold beauty, wanted to make Bella a queen after seeing her dream at the opening ceremony!

It was all because of the media's cameras. In front of Bella, Kayla held the hand of Mason and gave him an intimate hug like a lover!

Diana's competitive spirit was completely aroused by her excessive bullying, and she was very angry for Bella!

"By the way, remember to wear the couple's clothes with Mason tomorrow! If you wear a red dress and give him a red tie, you must match him! You can wear cheap clothes in normal times, but you must pay attention to your ring and jewelry tomorrow, okay? " Diana paid more attention to this matter than Bella. She kept talking on the phone, which made Bella not in the mood to be angry.

"I see. I'm not that scary. After all, I'm Mason's wife." In fact, she was very angry during the day, so she didn't care about it so much at night. After all, at that time, Mason had expressed his stand in time. Under the pressure of the media, Mason had said that the hug of Kayla's toughness had made his wife jealous.

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