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   Chapter 267 You Must Protect Her In The Future

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6544

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"I..." He had a lot to say, but didn't know where to start. when he was looking at her, she kissed him.

"Honey, in fact, I'm the same as you!" As Bella spoke, warm tears rolled down from her eyes, and her mouth and nose were red. "Without you, even if I live well, I will always be unhappy. And I believe that God is guilty. He treated me so bad before, made me so sad and painful. It's time to give me a stable life and a husband. " She leaned closer to his lips and kissed Mason with tears

Mason's eyes reddened. It was the first time that she had taken initiative. He couldn't help but moved at her words.

Standing outside the window, Ashely felt sad when she heard what Bella said.

What she didn't expect was that her daughter could get along with Mason like this. She was always the quietest person in front of her, and couldn't even see her eyes. For so many years, they would never be able to get close to each other. The gap between them was obstacle. But now in front of them, there was probably a greater gap.

Ashely and Marvin Su met in private. She had decided not to contact with the Su Family for the rest of her life and didn't want to go back to her hometown. She had blamed her parents for all these years of suffering! But now that they were old and the power of the Su Family was in the hands of Marvin Su, Ashley felt a little relieved. At least he didn't have to ask Bella to go back this time.

However, according to what she knew from Marvin Su, the Su family had already heard of Bella, so she'd better hide well, or it would be difficult to avoid it. Especially if Bella was too close to Ashley, it would be difficult for her not to be found.

When Bella and Mason got home, they found that Ashely and Frank Zhu had moved away secretly. After knowing the truth, Bella was speechless for a long time.

"How is she doing recently? Is Rachel up to something?" Bella was worried that it was hard to guarantee that Rachel

ves began to relax

"Honey, good night." Bella moved closer to him and nestled in his arms, feeling very relieved. Maybe it was because she was a little weak, and she fell asleep again.

Ashely found a new house, which was not far from the previous one. She just moved a lot along the lake. She didn't like to change the style of house, because the general style of the house was the same. Most importantly, if there was an emergency happen to Bella on this road, she didn't have to wait too long because of the traffic light.

Tim came to Ashely's home and told her something about the Su Family.

"Auntie Su, indeed, it was Bella who asked Mark to post photo and video of Rachel and Linda. She didn't intend to hide it from us, and Mason also knows it." At first, Tim heard that it was Bella who gave them the most powerful blow in such a decisive way, he did not believe that the woman he knew would be like this.

But soon he figured it out. If they hadn't come to house to make trouble that day, and if Bella hadn't known how they had dealt with Ashely in the past, the means of revenge would have been light.

With a frown, Ashely thought for a long time and solemnly warned him, "Tim, I know you like that girl, but if she do something very rebellious one day. You must help her, okay?"

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