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   Chapter 261 The Seeds Of Revenge Burst Out Thoroughly

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6648

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What worried her most now was to be exposed by the media!

"Hello, Bella, it's me!" Linda was completely in a mess because she had been miserable enough. If Bella exposed her photos and videos before, Linda would never see the sun again in her life! She couldn't find a rich man, even does not have a chance to live! Gossip was a fearful thing. She knew how much pressure the public opinion would bring to her!

"Linda?" Hearing the voice, Bella couldn't help laughing. Her bright eyes darkened and she asked coldly, "tell me, what do you want to say? Have you found a new buyer to sell your soul and body and decided to challenge me? "

"……" Hearing that Bella was determined to get it, Linda wished Bella could disappear at once. But soon Linda's voice became pitiful and begged with tears in her eyes, "Bella, I know I was wrong. You have punished me, haven't you? Those men have smashed everything outside my father's shop. My bank card and mother's bank card are frozenIf, so let me go, okay? "

Bella sneered. If it was in the past, she really couldn't see through such a trick. From such kind of undisguised crying and body sound, Bella could still capture her hatred and vicious voice!

"Really? Why haven't I received the news yet? It turns out that it's just a smash. You haven't entered the house yet, right? Linda, when my photos were posted online and I have to carry tens of thousands of abuses from and be driven out by the Ye Family, why didn't you think of letting me go? " She tried her best to hold back her anger and questioned Linda loudly. Her eyes were bloodshot all of a sudden. "And you don't seem to know that you are not part of the Su Family. You are the real wild child. The illegitimate daughter is you, Linda! Although I don't want a father like Kevin, he is indeed mine. I'm afraid that your biological father doesn't even know Rachel, right? "

"Nonsense!" Linda smashed the mirror in front of her excitedly. She didn't expect that Bella was so arro

Linda posted the fake photos online." Her eyes seemed to look through the past three years and clearly examined the scene of that year. Her face was calm, but with calmness, sharpness and fortitude that could not be affected.

Bella didn't know why she would do such a thing. Especially when Johnson was about to be held, she had a feeling of satisfaction, which spread all over her body and made her feel comfortable. Perhaps this was why Linda and Rachel always treated her as a slave.

No word could express her feelings. She stared at the void, as if she had seen the feeling of being swallowed up by thousands of spits by Erin in the YM Garden. Her eyes burst with unprecedented pressure and murderous will!

"Yes, I do." They couldn't forget what had happened in the past, especially in Mason's memory. "So you want me to give it back to her, don't you?"

"What's more, we need to use video, complete and clear, and also ask people to identify that it is Linda herself, and all have to be sent to all website and screen for three days!" This time, Bella didn't want to give her any time to rest. From the moment three of them rushed into her house, they had used despicable means to drive a wedge between her and Mason, Bella wouldn't let it go easily.

Linda's last chance was destroyed after her phone call!

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