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   Chapter 259 Happiness And Sorrow

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6668

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"Yes, boss is a good man." Mark replied seriously.

"Humph!" William rolled his eyes and thought, 'no one is so natural to boast himself. No wonder he is with my brother

"That's good. Send all the ugly photos of Linda to his home. It's better to show them in front of his wife!" It was not that Bella wanted to destroy other people's families. It was just that she wanted to make a scene when she didn't like a man who was on many ships. It didn't seem inappropriate.

"……" Mark was slightly stunned. Then he lowered his head with a smile and nodded, "of course. But just a photo?"

"Well, you can send some photos first to make her suffer for a while. As for the rest, keep and return them slowly." At this moment, there was a firm and heavy look in Bella's eyes. Her slightly narrowed eyes and the corners of her lips when she was thinking were very similar to the graceful posture of Mason. In other words, she was more ruthless than Mason

Mark got to know more about the woman, he just knew how important she was to Mason In fact, he had been a little worried about Bella before. After all, to be a woman of Mason, Kayla was the most suitable one, although she could indeed hurt Mason, which was beneficial and harmless. But her ability and identity were indeed much inferior to that of Tabitha. After all, rich people didn't need innocent women.

But now, he was shocked by Bella. The rabbit was so anxious that it still bit people. But this rabbit was too good at pretending. It took so long for it to show its true face.

The hot pot at night was very rich. Bella was indeed a woman who could conquer Mason's stomach. There were even more plump than the food in the hotpot restaurant. When she came back, considering that there were many people today, Bella specially chose a set of dishes, bowls and chopsticks, which were more exquisite and beautiful than the ones in the shop. The hard work of the two men was naturally not to be wasted. It was most suitable for drinking da


Mark and William looked at each other and smiled secretly. Then Ashely remembered that it was the first time for Erin to hear Mason call her mom from Ashley. Erin must be so angry that she couldn't fall asleep tonight. Although William was a little sad, recently, he was not so obedient to his mother. He knew how to make his own decision. The communication with George made him feel more responsible as the heir of the Ye Family

At this time, the old houses of the Kevin and the Ye Family were the same. Fragments and messy items fell to the ground.

Kevin and Rachel had a big quarrel at home. This time, because of the appearance of Ashely, and the e-mail sent by Tim, all the pictures of Rachel's intimacy with other men were in it. They felt that Ashely was as good as anything. It could be said that both sides were hurt!

Erin, she smashed things in the bedroom alone for a long time. She was afraid that grandma would scold her, so she had to pay attention to it. George had learned to be smart. At this time, it was better to stay out all night, play mahjong outside, than to suffer at home. What's more, since he met Ashely, he just wanted to stay alone for a while.

Ashely just wait and see. I can still beat you this time!" Erin hated that the man Ashely didn't love for so many years still love her!

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