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   Chapter 257 Dad, Take Your Woman Away

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6466

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Linda's expression was almost disintegrated. She finally broke out her previous suppressed emotions and turned around, pointed at Coco and shouted, "who gives you the guts to talk nonsense? You can eat whatever you want, but you can't talk nonsense! If you are ruining my reputation, I will tear your mouth apart! "

Can't hold your breath now. I thought you were going to say that you had an affair and it was none of my business. Don't be so serious. You have done it, but you are afraid that others talk about you. I really don't understand you people. " Coco shook her hair. She was leaving tomorrow, and didn't expect to see such a big play before she left. She was indeed a little timid.

"You!" Linda became angry from embarrassment. Recently, she lost her temper because of her useless husband.

In Linda's world, she could hang out with other men, but when she saw her man go on a date with another woman, she was furious!

"Enough, Linda. Be quiet!" When Kevin saw Ashely, he suddenly felt ashamed. Even though he hadn't seen her for many years, she was still attractive

However, at the thought that Rachel just said that Bella was not his child, he hated this woman! Why? Wasn't he the one who loved Ashely the most in the past?

Ashely glanced at these old friends indifferently. Everyone was the person she didn't want to see in her life. At least for so many years, she didn't dare to think of their faces! Every time she saw their photos, she would feel scared of everything in the past. But now, seeing their old age, she suddenly felt that they were not so terrible. People would eventually get old, but the scars in their hearts and bodies were still there!

Ashely, why are you here?" The moment Erin saw Ashely, especially Tim behind her, not long ago when he knew her identity, he had some scruples and came to her, in order to avoid everyone meeting together.

During this period of time, she had been

ed, we can go back to the hospital for another test! " Linda didn't relax. She was sure that Bella had no blood relationship with her!

Linda, shut up!" Seeing that his daughter called Ashely by her name directly, Kevin scolded her angrily.

Kevin, are you out of your mind? Who is your child? Did he lose his soul again when he saw Ashely? You old foxes are still so... " Rachel wanted to continue cursing, but was pushed by Bella who suddenly stood up, and even Rachel staggered a few steps.

"If you want to make a noise, if you treat my house as a place to curse, get out now!" Pointing at the door, Bella said with a murderous look on her face, "and the paternity test you mentioned, I think I would be so lucky if it weren't for the child. Even I feel ashamed to keep his blood in my body. Fortunately, it's not! Thank you for fulfilling my wish. At that time, it was really unlucky for Ashely to fall in love with a man like Kevin! Have you finished? If you don't welcome me, please get out! "

"You, you, you..." Rachel was so angry that her fingers trembled.

"Take your woman out of my house!" Mason wondered how he had tolerated for so long.

Feeling humiliated, George pulled Erin out! How could Erin agree? But George whispered in her ear and she leave obediently.

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