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   Chapter 240 An Unrecognizable Mother And Daughter

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7031

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When Mason Ye saw she change back to her flat shoes and looked gentle and beautiful. He couldn't help but hug her and kiss her. "That's good. I always feel a sense of crisis when you wear high heels."

"Well, you are just perfunctory. Where are we going for a walk? How about riding a bike around the lake? " Bella Su liked the feeling of staying by the water at dusk. It would be better if she rode a bike to digest.

"Okay, let's go." Then he took his phone and pushed Bella Su out of the door. "Take my wife for a walk."

Bella Su glared at him and pinched him on the waist. "What is 'take my wife for a walk', I'm not an animal."

"My dear wife is right. In order to show my apology, I will take you to see a movie, okay?" Then he lowered his head and closed to her ear, whispered in her ear in a low, magnetic voice, which sounded very pleasant, "I like to watch a movie alone with my wife."

watch movie? A separate cinema?

Bella Su's whole body bristled in a flash, the thought of the big pink double bed in the cinema last time made her blush and her heart beat faster.

She jumped aside quickly, put her hands on her chest, stayed alert, and looked at Mason Ye seriously. "I warn you, don't ever think about it again. I won't go to that place anymore. You're just a rogue..." Last time, she was eaten up to pieces. He seemed to prefer to be in the cinema, where the light was dim. Drinking a glass of red wine in a quiet place and doing something unspeakable and addictive. This was the third time he had proposed to that place since the last time they went to the cinema.

Bella Su couldn't help having a headache. What should she do? Her husband was too energetic. She really wanted to have a family of her own, so that she could avoid him and recover her body.

In fact, grandma Ye's worry was right. She had been in low spirits recently. She would fall asleep as soon as she touched the pillow at night, and it was difficult to wake up on the second day. The most important thing was that she was not energetic all day long, especially in the daytime. It was fine in the evenin

able for him.

"Tim Chu, if you continue to misguide my wife like this, I won't let you see her again." This man was his nemesis. He even guessed what he was not sure about himself. He really needed to pay more attention to this person who knew mind reading in the future.

While the three of them were chatting happily, they saw two figures walking towards the lake not far away. They happened to pass by here.

Bella Su's eyes became silent and dim. She seemed to see Ashley Su.

"Let's go quicker. It's getting dark." Seeing Ashley Su, she suddenly wanted to ask Tim Chu something important.

"Well, you want to avoid embarrassment, right?" Tim Chu also followed her steps, "do you want to know what I have found recently and what we are doing?"

"No!" Bella Su answered without hesitation.

"Duplicity." Walking in the middle and separating the couple from each other, Tim Chu's tone became particularly cheerful. He also felt that he was inexplicable.

Ashley Su also saw Bella Su and others, she stopped.

"When do you plan to have a good talk with her? You can't just keep going like this. I know you really want to take care of her. But you keep doing nothing, it will only make your relationship more alienated. " Frank Zhu knew better than anyone else that Ashley Su had loved her daughter for so many years just to find her. But when she found her, she refused to admit it.

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