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   Chapter 239 It's Strange To Mention The Past

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6114

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"Then why did you give up the Feiyang Group? Isn't this a trap for me? She pushed me. What can I do?" At this moment, the unruly and dissolute William slumped into the imperial concubine's chair, supporting his forehead with one hand. He looked very dispirited.

Bella didn't know what had happened recently, because Mason wouldn't tell her about many things. He didn't want to bother her if it was not something important.

"I gave up the Feiyang Group just because I want to live on my own." With indescribable confidence and determination in his eyes, he looked at William and said slowly, "maybe one day, the Feiyang Group will become my dish in the pan?"

"What?" All of a sudden, William raised his head and jumped up excitedly. His eyes were shining. "Then what are you going to give up now? Besides, haven't you gotten the marriage certificate? You can inherit the Fleiyang Group by legal means! "

With a smile on Mason's face, he didn't say a word. Slowly, he walked up to Bella and sat down next to her. His dark eyes were full of stars. Maybe you don't know that Erin wants to become boss through you! His father hadn't managed the company for a long time, because he felt guilty to Erin, so he let her go. Many shareholders of the company tried to drive me away, and she wanted to resort to her family power to completely acquire the Feiyang Group. "

"What?" It was the first time that William had heard such words, especially from his brother. Because he didn't know whether his relationship with his mother was true or not. But as far as he knew about Manson, he would never say anything without evidence.

Bella was also surprised. How could this happen?

"You don't believe me?" Mason didn't expect him to understand. "Anyway, I won't let her take away anything from the Ye Family." Moreover, she had t

ay? Noticing that William's eyes were glassy and didn't even grab his favorite braised pork today. "

"Oh," William came to his senses, his eyes dim, and answered dully, "ah, I'm really not feeling well today. I'm done eating. Grandma, I've been very busy recently and won't come back these days. Auntie, brother and sister-in-law, I'll go back first. " Then he put down the bowl and chopsticks and stood up from his seat.

"Does he have something on his mind?" Murmured grandma. She picked up a piece of tofu and couldn't help praising it, "it's really good. You don't have any other skills, but you can make this crucian soup. "

After dinner, Mason left with Bella. He didn't ask why Sherry wasn't at the table.

Before leaving, grandma mentioned the topic of good health and recuperation in the future.

How Bella wished she could run away with Mason!

She always felt that giving birth was far from her.

In the evening, when they got home, it was still early. Bella changed her clothes and took Mason out for a walk. The recent progress of the new company is so good that will be opened soon. However, the specific date hadn't been decided yet, and they were waiting for the registration procedure.

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