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   Chapter 237 When Will You Have A Baby

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6013

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With a frown, Mason approached her ear and said with a smile, "Take your time. the previous styles are out of date."

"……" Bella looked up at him, her eyes flickering, as if she had a lot to say. In fact, in her dictionary, there was no 'not out of date'. There was only 'like' or 'suitable' But Bella thought that she had to pay attention to these details in public, especially when she appeared in the circle of Mason Just like Kayla, who looked her up and down, was obviously measuring her dressing and whether Bella was up to the wife of Mason

Noticing the confusion in her eyes, Mason also found Bella was lost in thought. He held Bella in his arms and whispered in ear, "silly girl, what are you thinking about? You can wear anything you like, but I just want to buy whatever you like. Don't take what Kayla just said to heart. She is nobody. I like you because you are different from them. "

"If I become like them one day, I will have to cater to your identity and circle. What will you say at that time?" All of a sudden, Bella became serious, who was easy to be stimulated by some words.

Mason was at a loss. "My wife is so adorable. No one can compare with her. You can't be the same as anyone else, can you? It's inevitable for you to change and grow. I will become an old man one day and what will you say about me at that time? "

Suddenly, Mason rested his chin on her hand and squinted eyes. "I haven't asked you yet. What do you like about me? This question is not exclusive to women. I am also very worried. If one day you suddenly feel that I am no longer fresh and no different from others, will you still like me? "

Curling her lips, Bella knew that she couldn't win this man, so she turned around and walked out, "forget it."

Seeing how proud she was, Mason smile

" Bella liked Mason's grandmother very much. Holding her hand, Bella thought of her grandmother. But since she was no longer in the world, Bella inevitable felt a little sad.

"Okay, okay. I'm fine. If only I could have a great grandson. She's already married to you. We haven't held a wedding yet. But I still want to hold on until you give birth to a baby. So when are you going to have a baby? " Grandma held Bella's hand and began to talk about this topic.

Bella blushed and looked at Mason for help! Bella was not prepared at all, didn't expect that grandma would ask this question directly!

"Grandma, why are you more anxious than me? I will have a baby sooner or later." "My new company is still in the preparation stage. We can talk about it in half a year," Mason added

"……" Bella didn't expect that he would answer this question so seriously. He even said half a year later.

"So do you, mom. They haven't held their wedding yet. Why are you urging them to have a baby?" Seeing that Sherry was walking towards the door reluctantly, she waved her hand and said, "sherry, come here. You're not young anymore. Look at your brother. He's married. When will you have a boyfriend?"

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