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   Chapter 235 You Are Welcome

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6036

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When Mason pushed the door open, he saw shoes scattered on the floor and her suitcase being carried out, he immediately became nervous.

Bella wasn't in the bedroom, nor in the garden.

Mason took out his phone called her, but powered off.

Is she going to run away from home because of sadness?'. What did Erin say this time? It seemed that he had to install a monitoring system at home, or he wouldn't know anything. Especially when Bella was harassed by Erin, he couldn't show up in time.

Mason walked around, wondering where she would go. Then he heard a familiar voice behind. "Mason, why are you back?"

"Bella?" Mason turned around and took a few steps forward. He pulled Bella into his arms and cried with joy, "where have you been? Your phone was turned off. I was worried that you might run away from home again!"

Bella was frightened by his voice and felt that he was teaching her a lesson. He was so strong that she was about to suffocate. She pushed his belly weakly. "I just want to stay in the wardrobe for a while. When Rachel hit me, I hid in the closet secretly, but later Linda found it. But I still feel that the wardrobe is very safe. " She smiled bitterly, as if she could spurt out only with a little strength.

Mason's heart skipped a beat and held her tightly in his arms and said, "silly girl, why are you hiding in the closet? You have a husband. Why don't you call me when you're wronged?" He was so anxious that he even lost his temper It was said that Erin smashed things at home and called William after she came back and cursed fiercely.

"But..." Biting her lips, Bella didn't know if her words would make him angry. She hesitated and said in a hoarse and scared voice, "but I hit your mother, you must think I'm a bad woman. But when I heard that she once cal

'll cook for you." Mason picked her up and put her on the chair nearest to the kitchen. "Watch me cook and talk to me?"

"Well, let's go out to eat. I don't want such a handsome husband to cook. Besides, you are very busy with your work, and there will be smell when you cook dinner. I will be embarrassed if people know that you are cooking for me. " She thought her crying face should be swollen and ugly.

And everyone would be embarrassed after crying.

"No, thanks. It's more convenient to eat at home. I know how to cook. It's just that the food I cook is not as delicious as yours. Please forgive me. " He put on his apron and was about to cook.

"You're welcome." Bella waved her feet. Her bad mood disappeared without a trace because of him. She knew that everything would be fine.

All of a sudden, Mason put down the tools and walked towards her with a serious look on her face. He rubbed her nose and said in a low and hoarse voice, "honey, you're acting like a spoiled child. Can you do it a little more?"

"……" She shrunk her shoulders and blushed.

Mason pinched her ear and pulled her into his arms. Her laughter was so sweet and tempting. "Silly girl, why are you so shy?"

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