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   Chapter 233 I Hurt Her By Accident

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6512

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"I know. Then how can you still be here? Will Mason be angry if he knows it? You have never treated him as your son. Why should you hurt? I'm not that easy to be bullied. You'd better save your energy! " As Bella spoke, she felt a gust of cold wind blowing in her ears.

"Bitch, how dare you teach me a lesson?" Erin stood up and slapped her as fast as she could.

Seeing this, Bella immediately stood up and dodged her fierce slap. The next second, Bella grabbed her wrist and looked down at her!

"Mrs. Chen, I'd better give you a piece of advice. Don't do anything when you're old. I won't pay for the medical expenses." Said Bella, throwing her wrist out violently.

Erin wanted to do something, but she heard someone ringing the doorbell. Her face became more ferocious and stretched out the other hand and shouted.

Bella pushed the chair aside and hid herself. Seeing expression on Erin's face, Bella knew that Erin was worried that it was Mason who had come back. Bella really wanted to know who would ring the doorbell at this time?

When they arrived at the door, they found that it was the three of them, including Ashely, Frank Zhu and Coco?

Bella was a little surprised. Didn't Coco dislike her? Why did they appear here together in pajamas? Obviously, they lived opposite.

Normally, Bella wouldn't have let Ashely in. But on second thought, she really wanted to know if Ashely could control this arrogant woman.

"Bella, let me tell you, don't refuse a toast and drink a forfeit. You should know what you should say and what you shouldn't say!" Erin had thought that everything was under her control recently, but it seemed that Mason was becoming more and more indifferent to her, so he couldn't be so fearless.

"Really? I'm stupid. I've grown up. If I knew it, I wouldn't have been scared away by you." Then Bella walked to the door and opened it for the people outside.

Coco led the way to enter the room. When

Rachel, that disgusting woman, has been my best friend for a long time, and you are my best friend! But it was my fault. How could I forget that people like you who have eyes full of sand will never make friends with women that your men like? But I was so naive to think that you are really generous! " Speaking of what had happened in the past, Ashley's breath became rapid, and her chest heaved violently. What had happened to her was like a movie, which scratched her heart again!

Bella looked at her and then turned to Erin. She could no longer restrain her anger.

"Clap!" A crisp slap suddenly rang in the living room.

Erin stared at her in surprise, who didn't expect that Bella would slap her in public!

However, Bella's anger hadn't subsided yet. She wouldn't have tolerated her if she was after all the mother of Mason! For example, when Rachel and Linda played tricks on her in the past, every time Bella heard such a thing, she felt as if countless knife marks had been scratched in her flesh and blood, and she was extremely painful!

"Bella, how dare you hit me?" Erin came to her senses and rushed up, wrestling with Bella.

Erin, what are you doing?" Although Ashely didn't react, Erin was still an elder. But she still stood up nervously and pulled Bella behind her.

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