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   Chapter 230 Never Think About His Wife

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6196

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Mason is here with his girlfriend." His aunt was a modest man, and he didn't seem to be alienated from family. He often went to Mason's house, but Mason seldom met him.

Jack's mother was sure that they would be surprised to see Mason, but she didn't want to embarrass Mason, so she corrected herself, "what girlfriend? They're married now. She's a real wife."

"Oh, really?" A smile instantly appeared on his face. "Is it true? You're so fast!"

"I asked my son to give red envelope. You also have one, understand?" Jack's mother poked him in the arm. Obviously, she could tell that Wendy was still the boss in this family.

Bella smiled sheepishly. It was not good to ask him to give red envelopes before she called him

"I know, I know. I have to give you this red envelope." Then he took out a red bag from his pocket with a smile and said, "I happened to meet someone else's children today and asked for red envelopes. I have packed a few. But I have to give you more Then he took out six red pockets and gave them all to Bella.

"Thank you, uncle." Bella didn't refuse and took the red packet.

For the first time in Mason's life, he felt that his family members were in harmony. It was the best proof that he could get their blessings with his newly married wife.

Without his parents' blessing, he would still live a good life. In fact, he also knew that his aunt and uncle often went to visit his grandmother. Every time they went there, they would bring gifts to Mason and William. Although he was not there, William would give the gifts to him.

Sometimes, Mason even felt that they sympathized with and pitied him, who was not loved by his parents. Now she suddenly felt relieved. Even if it was sympathy, even if it was pitiful, it was better than her mother's stone heart!

He wouldn't resist the care and pity of his family.

ack held her hand gently and said, "let me help you."

Noticing that there was something wrong with Jack and Diana, Bella found an entrance and left with Mason

Mason found a quiet place and sat down with Bella

"Bella, you are not allowed to see Jack again. He hasn't forgotten you. I want to feel wronged for Diana When I chose this watch, I really wanted to see his attitude. But I don't like this answer. What should I do? " His tone was gentle and domineering. He pulled Bella to sit beside him.

"But he will forget, won't he? I think he still loves Diana But you just said that you would feel wronged for Diana. Is that right? I will also be jealous. " Bella poked his forehead and leaned against his shoulder. "Mom, we need to be more mature in the future. Don't be jealous, okay? People will laugh at us if they hear us."

"Okay." He stroked her head affectionately. "Of course I'm not that jealous. I just want to frighten you. Put more importance to your existence in your heart, so that when you see every opposite sex, you will know my bad temper. Be careful and remember your identity at any time. You are my wife."

"……" It turned out that he was thinking about it. No wonder he always talked about jealousy.

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