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   Chapter 229 Give Them A Red Envelope

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They didn't make a statement in advance this time because they were afraid that they would overreact. Unexpectedly, Diana was still frightened. He took Diana's hand and put her behind him.

Seeing her son's action, Jack's mother became anxious. She glanced at him, reached out and pulled Diana back to her. "Look at you. Are you worried that I will eat her? I'm so happy for you Other people's children can arrange blind dates, but you are so anxious at the mention of blind dates that you don't go home for half a month. What's wrong? I'm so excited that you feel ashamed? "

Standing aside, Diana didn't know what to do. After all, it was the first time that she had met parents. Especially when she felt that the parents of Jack seemed to be very talkative, she was a little overwhelmed.

Jack had no choice but to stand still with a cold face.

"Auntie, as you know, he just doesn't talk much. It's also my first time here. I hope you won't blame him. " Diana was worried about whether he would be angry when she saw Jack's face. She feel him in a bad mood since she came in.

After saying that, Jack looked at Diana and smiled.

Seeing the two exchanged glances and the girl defending her son, Jack's mother was so happy that almost jumped up.

"Oh, you are starting to protect him now. I'll be relieved in the future. Finally, someone stands out to protect him and take care of him for me. You don't know what I'm thinking. I wish I could buy some fireworks to tell everyone. " She was indeed excited. As she spoke, she began to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, which frightened Jack and Diana

"Mom, can we stop being like this? I just bring a girlfriend home. People who don't know about it will think you are wrong. I'll take Diana to see my friends over there and come to accompany you later, okay? Today is my birthday. There are so many young people. If you are moved to tears

s. "

With a bad feeling, Jack held Diana's hand more tightly.

Jack, give me a big red envelope!" He pointed at Jack and glanced between him and Diana. The smile in her eyes became wider. "When can you be more competitive? Let me get some red pockets. It's really good."

"……" Diana turned around and looked at Jack's mother, really thought that she was so cute, just adding salt to her son's wound. But at this time, Jack has to accept no matter how uncomfortable he was.

Bella finally got the marriage certificate. As her friend, of course Diana should be happy for her. Everything would be fine.

"Auntie, then I'll go to prepare the red envelope with Jack Actually, Bella and I are good friends. I am very happy that she got married, but she even hides it from me. Can I decide the red packet? " Diana broke the deadlock with a smile. Before everyone realized it, she found a good way

"Well, of course you can make the decision. Go ahead." Jack's mother was overjoyed at once. No wonder her son liked this girl. She was very sensible, and she was a good friend of Bella. It seemed that it was really fate. She could not be described as being overjoyed, but was about to fly to the sky.

"Uncle." Seeing the man walking towards them, Mason nodded at him.

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