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   Chapter 228 The Birthday Party Of Jack

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Updated: 2020-06-24 00:12

Most importantly, Coco wanted to know whether or not Ashley would accept Bella. In that case, Ashely would definitely support Coco to be with Tim. That was exactly what Coco wanted to see.

Hearing that Ashely called Tim, Coco left their house and called Tim outside to ask about the progress of the plan.

"Hello, what's up?" As expected, when Tim received Coco's call, his tone was neither friendly nor polite.

"I just heard the question aunt Ashely asked you. What happened?" Coco looked around and asked in a low voice. After all, there were ears in the wall.

"Why do you ask this?"

"Don't I have the right to know? She is my father's woman now. Besides, I won't tell anyone. Why can't I know?" She knew that this was his attitude, but Coco had ways to deal with him, otherwise it would be boring to stay in China. But she would go back to work soon, so she couldn't stay here for too long. Thinking of this, she was very anxious.

"You'd better keep it a secret for the time being. But have you been idle all the time? Don't you want to work? " His voice was still cold and indifferent, but it sounded pleasant to Coco. "Although you have your own company, it seems too willful to leave it alone. Let me tell you, it won't work on me anymore. You'd better give up. Even if you go through fire and water for me, I don't feel anything. Don't waste everyone's time. After all, it's not easy to explain to Uncle Zhu. "

"It's none of your business whether I'm wasting my time or not? Even if you don't like me, I will make you cry one day. Tim, I did treat you badly before, but now you are so perfunctory to hear my phone call? Do you have to do this? Just take it as a punishment from God, I have suffered so much before, but I will soon be punished. Can you be more gentle and tender? " Coco knew that although Tim looked stone hearted, in fact

the CEO.

However, Jack's father didn't agree at all. They almost had a fight last night. So in today's birthday party, he was obviously unhappy

Diana came first, so the birthday party was naturally in his own home. It was the first time Diana had seen his parents, so she couldn't be more nervous. But fortunately, she was introduced to her parents by Jack. They seemed to like Diana Then they knew Diana's background.

Diana came from a literary family, whose father was a professor in the University and also a teacher in the musical instruments business, mother was also a teacher in the University, so Jack's parents liked Diana even more. Besides, they had heard about Diana's concert before. They didn't want to let her go after chatting with Jack's girlfriend

Jack, tell me, how did you find such a good girlfriend? If you don't bring her back, I really think you are not interested in women all your life. Oh, that's great. I like this girl very much. " Holding Diana's hand, Jack's mother couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

"Mom, be careful. Don't frighten Diana. It's her first time to come to our house Jack also knew his mother well. For so many years, she kept talking about when to bring back a girlfriend.

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