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   Chapter 226 A Cinema Where You Can Take A Shower

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6113

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"I know, but I didn't want to go there before. But now the alarm is off and I don't care anymore. " "If you want to go, let's go. It's hot anyway. It might not be that fun. Don't you be intimate with Diana? She might have to face a group of pursuers of Jack, so you have to accompany her. "

Diana cast a glance at Mason. Fortunately, she knew Mason well and didn't take his words seriously.

Go together tomorrow. It's the first time that I've appeared as Jack's girlfriend, so you have to accompany me. And I heard that Aunt Su and Uncle Zhu will also go there tomorrow night, right? " Diana held Bella's hand and smiled at Jack. She secretly winked at Bella and said, "if you don't go, I won't have any friends to support me. I can't defeat fans around him."

Jack was indeed the prince charming in everyone's eyes. He was like this when he was in college, let alone his relatives and friends around him. "What do you think, Mason?"

"I can go anywhere if you want. But I haven't been to his house for a long time. It's good to see the elders. " Mason got closer to Bella and called her "honey" naturally.

"Ouch, show off your love. You are so sweet!" said Diana, laughing at them enviously and jealously. She looked at Jack and thought, 'why can't you be so sweet to me?'?

After leaving the aquarium, Mason took Bella to a cinema. It was a popular small theater nowadays, but elegant. The lights were dim, and there was a large double bed for everyone to lie down and watch.

It was the first time for Bella to come to such a place and she felt a little shy.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Mason patted her hand and said, "sit here."

"There is such a place, a paradise for couples. Sure enough, everything will happen when you have money. It's too extravagant to watch a movie. " In fact, Bella was the kind

d woman. How can I let go of my wife so easily? Bella, call me honey, and I'll let you go. "

Bella blushed and pouted, "let me go You Look at yourself. Are you going to let go of me? "

Lying was the most untrustworthy thing in the world. A man's mouth in bed was even more terrible than a woman's duplicity.

"Okay..." He smiled gently and put his hot breath close to her neck. His words were infinitely charming. "My wife is so smart. My hard work is not in vain. Now there are some words that you don't need me to say."

"Damn it!" she stepped back and leaned against the cold tile wall, her back trembling.

With a frown, Mason pulled her into his arms. He didn't allow her to struggle, so he locked her shoulders and arms in his arms and gently bit her shoulder. "Silly girl, I'm only a rogue to my wife, or I'll look down on myself."

"Nonsense, you..." Bella bit his shoulder and said angrily, "I'm still weak. Are you sure you want to torture me like this?"

"……" With a hesitant look on Mason's face, he said slowly, "I've asked the doctor. As long as you control your strength properly, according to your age and the effect of tonics, this level is allowed..." As he spoke, his face turned red.

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