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   Chapter 225 With Certificate, You Are Not Afraid Of The Peach Blossoms

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6306

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:02

Holding Diana's arm, Bella turned to look at her and buried head in her arms, smiling but saying nothing.

Mason grinned. Bella looked like a fox who had always been powerful, with an irresistible spiritual energy.

Looking at Bella, Jack lowered his head to hide the joy in his eyes and said lightly, "are you here to see the marine animals today?"

"Yes, she said she wanted to see me, so I brought her here. I'll go buy the tickets first. You wait here. " Looking at Bella and saw her expression, Mason couldn't help smiling like a fool of two hundred pounds.

Of course, Diana and Jack didn't understand why Mason was so fond of laughing today. It seemed that he had been reborn. The warmth and love in his eyes seemed to be able to drown people.

"Hey, what's wrong with Mason? Is he a fool who is nourished by love? Look at him. He can't even close his mouth." Diana asked in confusion, stopping Bella

Pursing her lips, Bella didn't say a word. She couldn't hide her ecstasy. 'how cute Mason is!' she thought. Was he so happy to get the marriage certificate with her? It was indeed warm and gentle since he went out, which made her feel embarrassed.

But Bella still wanted to hide it for a while and give everyone a surprise.

"I guess he became free recently because he set up his own company, so he was so silly. Let's go buy some water first. There are a lot of people today. " Then she walked towards the canteen happily.

Jack and Diana exchanged a confused look. Why did they feel that there was something wrong with two of them?

"Hey, look at her. She is so sweet. It's time to give up, isn't it?" Diana asked sourly when she saw Jack peeking at Bella from time to time.

Jack turned around and smiled, holding her hand. "I've already given up. Now in my heart, she's just a simple schoolmate and friend. After all, she's kind and cute, isn't she? After

climb because they are afraid of the background of Ashely and don't know her at all. " Seeing that Bella wanted to know but didn't want to show her concern about this matter, Mason told her everything he knew.

"Well, Rachel still doesn't take Ashely seriously. After all, she always thinks that she is the best and deserves the favor of fate." There was a cold sneer at the corners of Bella's mouth. She still couldn't let go of the hurt caused by her and her daughter for her own weakness and tolerance.

Seeing this, Diana changed the topic, "let's not talk about it anymore. You know that there will be a birthday party for Jack tomorrow night. Will you go?" She knew that Mason cared about Jack too and wouldn't tell Bella.

Bella looked back in surprise, "birthday?" She didn't expect that Diana would invite her. If Diana wasn't willing to go, she wouldn't have said such words. Bella was very grateful and happy. Such a behavior showed that Diana had forgiven her.

But Mason didn't mention it to her. Maybe he didn't want her to go, so she refused with a smile. "I have an appointment with Mason tomorrow. I don't have time to go. But I'll buy gifts with Mason. We've known each other for a long time, but we don't know his birthday yet. "

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