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   Chapter 223 The Wedding Certificate With White Shirts As Standard

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6225

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:02

Mason, don't..."

"Do you agree or not?" He looked at Bella, who was soaked in the water with no strength. A hint of complacency and cunning flashed in Mason's eyes, he was waiting for her response.

"Do you want it or not?"

"……" Bella bit her lips tightly for fear of making any embarrassing sound, but his hand did not stop.

"What? Do you want to be my woman? "

"No! You are a bad guy! Ah... " She bit her lips and stared at him.

Unexpectedly, he held her hands over her head and leaned close to her ears. "Well? As long as you say you want, I'll take it as a yes. "


No, she couldn't do that!

"What?" He got close to her and asked, "do you want it?"

Bella bit her lips and closed her eyes.

'am I so unattractive?' Mason wondered?


A satisfied smile appeared on Mason's face

"No I want... "

"Then I want it..."

"Mason..." She was on the verge of breaking down, feeling that her heart could not bear at any time.

"Do you want it?" He asked gently.

"Okay..." She gritted her teeth

"Do you want ?" Since Mason couldn't get the answer he wanted, he swore he wouldn't surrender.

Damn it! She had agreed, what else did he want?

"HMM Ah... " She even hated him, frowned deeply

"Do you want to..."

All of a sudden, Bella's mind went blank. She was so angry that she said, "I want..."

Mason's brain seemed to have been tapped, and was encouraged by something and it didn't work for a while.

Biting her lips hard, Bella was stunned for a moment. Then she bit her hand like a cat that had eaten meat. She looked at Mason with blurred eyes and turned her head away, not daring to look at Mason

"Bella, do you like it?" He snickered and his voice was weak.

"……" It must be the same scene when they met for the first time. Bella had never thought that she would love this feeling very much

by more people, it was the greatest happiness. Now that she had this, what else could she worry about?

When Bella walked out of the bedroom, Mason saw a spotless white shirt, which was well cut and outlined her figure. It was pure, with a mysterious beauty, and it matched his own white shirt. He wanted to remind her that white shirt was the best choice for the marriage certificate. He thought she know it

Bella was even more beautiful in her engagement dress Last time, the clothes were hastily made. He had always thought that he would give her a perfect wedding.

However, the wedding had not been put on the agenda, and they were going to get the marriage certificate today. He admitted that he was selfish, because he couldn't wait, fearing that something would happen and separate them again.

Mason She called his name gently, looked at him with a little embarrassment and threw herself into his arms.

"You are so beautiful." He held her in his arms and praised her, "my Bella is the most beautiful woman in the world."

She didn't expect that she would be so stunning in white shirt.

"You are also the most handsome man in the world." Bella looked up at him and nestled on his chest shyly. "I feel that I earned."

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