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   Chapter 221 Torturing Temptress

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6654

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"He is now..." She wanted to say something, but she heard a faint voice from the other end of the line.

Kayla, Kayla, isn't Bella at home?" He seemed to be sitting in the car, so his voice was far away.

Bella smiled. Kayla Jiang stood outside the car and called her with Mason's phone. Kayla was on purpose!

Well, she might as well take Tim home.

After hanging up, Bella looked into Tim's eyes and smiled, "do you want to send me home?"

Thinking of this, Tim pursed his lips and walked straight to his car. "If you need me to send you home, you have to sit in my car." His pupils tightened slightly in a place invisible to others.

At this moment, all her thoughts were focused on Mason. She didn't notice the expression on Tim's face, nor did she argue with him. She directly sat in the front passenger seat.

Tim shook his head. It was really It was a long way.

'how much did Mason drink? Did he get drunk?' she wondered? Bella couldn't help worrying that he had to lower his stature for the sake of the new company. If it had been in the past, he would not have appeared at that kind of social dinner.

But couldn't Kayla pay attention to it? Bella didn't think she would be jealous, but the feeling of scratching her heart was still suffering, and Bella didn't want to experience more.

The car arrived at the gate of residence soon. The two of them were holding each other's hands on the roadside.

"Bella, you're back. Open the door now. Mason is vomiting. I don't even have the tissue with me." Seeing that Bella got out of the car, Kayla looked like she was Mason's girlfriend

Bella looked at Mason indifferently, who slowly turned to look at Tim behind her, frowning.

Bella knew that he was angry. That was why she asked Tim to send her back. She slowly took out the key. It seemed that it was wise not to use the fingerprint lock. If Mason asked Kayla to take him to the house and Bella saw her taking care of him when she came back, Bella would probab

d to do?" The reason why he said that was that he had recently given an order to the company that he should not give any new killing task with high technical risk in the future.

Since he met Bella, he suddenly had some worries and reflection. He would get married and have his own child one day. If it was for the sake of his future child, he had to wash his hands and hand over that kind of work to others.

Kayla walked up to him and looked up at him disapprovingly. Her half smiling eyes were charming and cold. "No matter what you do, it has nothing to do with me. But we two won't give up easily. Isn't it good for us to find a way out? "

Thinking for a while, Tim agreed with what the woman said. He calmed down and said indifferently, "let's go. I'll drive you home."

They drove away. When Bella wanted to say thanks to Tim, she saw his car had gone away.

Kayla was sensible, not that kind of unreasonable woman.

She was very angry at first, but when she saw him lying on her legs in a daze like a child, asking her to feed him water and help him to the bathroom, she had to put a lot of words in her stomach first, preparing to talk about it next day.

However, Mason didn't think so. After vomiting, he drank some hangover soup and stuck it to Bella, saying that he wanted to help her take a shower.

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