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   Chapter 220 Jealous Please Try

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6219

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"……" Linda was about to explode. This time, her smile directly turned into hatred.

Clap Clap

Even Bella thought this slap was too much. It clearly made Linda hate Bella more!

It was true. Although Bella was confident that she could get back at Linda for what Linda had done in the past, now Linda hated Bella even more. If Linda had a vicious plan, upright Bella was, would not be able to be her opponent

Compared with viciousness, no one can be match for Linda and her mother Bella had never seen through it in the past seven years.

"That's too much!" Linda was furious. At this time, her vitality was about to burn her brain. How could she bear such humiliation from a handsome man? She picked up the red wine on the table and was about to pour it on Bella. At least she could vent her anger and save her face!

"What?" Tim quickly pressed the back of her hand on the table. His eyes were full of anger, and his voice was very light but powerful. He said in a very annoying tone, "if you dare to splash her, the consequences may be very serious!"

"Who the hell are you to protect such a shameless woman? She has a fiance. Don't you mind?" Linda clenched her teeth and said with pain. She wanted to hit him with the other hand, but his strength was too terrifying, so she didn't dare to act rashly.

"Yes, I do. But I have no choice. She likes that man. I don't think Mason is as handsome as me, so I'm Bella's brother now. Remember, don't mislead others in public. " As he spoke, he looked at the people who were having dinner in the dining room, which scared them back.

Many people knew about Bella and remembered the photo. The woman here was obviously one of the three most popular people in the past. Mason didn't say anything. She didn't know where the woman came from. She was so blind.

"Ouch!" Linda's hand was released and cover

e was greedy. She wanted a brother like him, but she had to remind herself clearly that his identity and past actions would make her unable to act like a spoiled child at ease.

When she looked at Tim with a complicated expression, the phone in her pocket rang.


"I'm sorry, I'm Kayla Mason drank too much. We're right at the door of your house. He forgot to bring the key. You seem not to be at home. " Her voice was very gentle, as if she was deliberately saying it to Bella

Bella remembered clearly that she was not like this when she spoke before.

Bella smiled and replied politely, "I'm having dinner outside. Please wait a little longer."

"But he really wants to throw up now. I'm worried that he wants to drink water..."

worry? ha-ha! Bitch

A sword light flashed through Bella's heart, as if it could kill people. 'does she really think she is important? She isn't even Mason's ex girlfriend. Isn't she too conceited? 'Bella wondered.

"Ask him to answer the phone." She said calmly and narrowed her eyes.

All of a sudden, she felt that she should let Mason know that she had a temper. As an engaged man, he should pay attention to Every time he stared at her, but he didn't care about others at all!

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