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   Chapter 219 Tim Protecting Bella

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6489

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Bella had always been confident in her figure, so she raised her head and looked at Tim.

At this moment, she saw someone familiar sitting not far away, with one side facing her. Linda, the woman Bella would know even if she turned into ash. But the man beside her didn't seem to be her husband. Judging from their behavior, they had a close relationship. And her husband cannot afford for Linda's designer handbag

"What are you looking at?" Tim followed her sight and asked casually, "an enemy or a friend?"

Hearing this, Bella smiled with a lot of helplessness and irony. "an enemy, right? But I don't want to settle accounts now. Let's talk about it later."

"Oh, so she is the daughter of your stepmother, who is good-looking, but too greedy. Is that man her husband?" While eating slowly, Tim glanced at Linda lazily and said, "she really can't compare with you."

Frowning, Bella approached him curiously. "Why did you say that he is not her husband? And how did you know her, even know she is married?

"I have investigated all the people and things related to you. This woman has been bullying you all the time. Your stepmother's daughter is notorious." Then he looked at Linda meaningfully, "you may not know that she has been plotting how to let your father find you these days."

"Well, why didn't I know about it?" She lowered her head in surprise and said in a low voice, "you still care about me so much. Did she monitor everything I did?"

"Without me, it's hard to imagine that you would be set up one day." Then he took out a photo from his pocket and said, "look, she has been wandering around your house several times recently. Fortunately, she didn't find out where you live."

With doubt, Bella took the photo. It was indeed Linda It was indeed near their community. She wore sunglasses and mysterious.

She turned to look at Linda, and Bella became cold. She put down her chopsticks and was about to sta

that she has the qualification to be friends with beautiful people?"

"……" With a livid face, Linda clenched her fists and stood still, trying to find a hole in the ground to hide herself in an instant! The man sitting opposite her was a greasy man more than 30 years old. He was not good-looking at all. Even she herself felt ashamed of him. But when Tim said so, Linda felt countless slaps on her face. Especially in front of Bella, he felt that her complacent sight could burn her!

Linda gave Bella a terrible look. Obviously, she was venting her anger on Bella

Linda, don't mind. He is just a glib talker. Don't take it to heart." Now that he had offended her, he didn't have to feel embarrassed. Anyway, she came here by herself and she would take revenge, so Bella was not afraid that Linda would explode.

"Sir, don't say that..." Linda was still struggling. She didn't think she was much worse than Bella. In the vast aesthetic standard, she was still a beauty. Otherwise, she wouldn't have talked with several Bella's pursuers for a period of time in college.

"That's too straightforward, then I'll be more euphemistic," said Tim, putting down his chopsticks, showing a harmless expression on his face. "If you bully my Bella in the future, I will make you suffer a lot."

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