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   Chapter 183 The Reason For Changing Into White Clothes

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6049

Updated: 2020-06-02 00:03

"What's your condition?"

"I want her." Tim replied confidently.

"Why?" Mason's eyes darkened, who could accept exchanging the Feiyang Group, but Bella couldn't!

"I'm the only one who can save her!" He was still in his white suit, sitting in front of the expressionless Mason, arrogant and confident.

"Did you do it, Tim? You have already planned this since you appeared yesterday! " Mason had thought of many possibilities. Ever since Tim appeared, he had finally convinced at least his opponent's goal had become clear. No kidnapper had no purpose or interest.

Looking at his murderous eyes, Tim smiled and said, "you are wrong. If I want to kidnap woman I like, why is it so difficult? It's really an accident. Who would have thought that the people of my family have been watching me closely all the time. They kidnapped Bella just because I was dressed like this yesterday. "

"……" Clenching fists, Mason couldn't help but punch him in the face!

"Ouch!" Tim wiped the corner of his mouth and chuckled, "you're too impatient. I just got your fiancee into trouble, but I'm sure those old guys won't do anything to her."

"Who the hell are you?" Mason stood up. When he knew Tim many years ago, Mason knew Tim was a mystery. Because when they were on a mission, they were supposed to set out, but the relatives of Tim came, and their boss actually showed great respect to his father.

It could be seen that Tim's father and their clan were very mysterious.

"Do you still remember the people who kidnapped you five years ago and the business three years ago? Do they have anything in common?" Tim said casually, but a thunder exploded over Mason's head.

Five years ago, the kidnappers wanted to take his life. Fortunately, Bella saved him. Otherwise, it was hard to say whether he woul

self and looking self romantic. That's why I was deceived by you. As a result, he said that he didn't care whether she was sad or happy, because she was trapped in love, but in the end, he still couldn't let her go completely. What I hate is you... "

"I can change anything you hate. I don't lie much. You think she is very important to me and it must be difficult for me to forget her. So from now on, when I am with you, her shadow has disappeared. "

"Nonsense!" Diana didn't believe it and turned around. At this moment, she heard the sound in the room disappear.

The moment she turned her head, Jack gently kissed her forehead, and then bit her lips when she was in a daze.

Diana opened her eyes wide and pushed him in disbelief.

Without giving her a chance, Jack held her waist tightly and sucked her sweetness deeply.

When the conversation was almost over, there was no one outside the corridor.

"Take me to see her first. Proves that what you said is true." Mason told Tim that the reason why his family kidnapped Bella was that he had changed his clothes. Of course, Mason couldn't believe such a lie.

They looked at the mess on the ground and they couldn't stay any longer.

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