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   Chapter 164 An Unwelcome Man

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6388

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Under the heavy makeup, Ashely's face must be ashen. But she stood still in front of them and stared at Bella's every move!

"Since you want to kidnap me with blood relationship, I can also sue you for your behavior! If any of you wants to restrict my freedom again, just wait for death. As long as I'm alive, I don't want to see you two! " Taking out a piece of tissue from her handbag, Bella wiped off her tears and snot.

Holding her in his arms, Mason could clearly feel change in her mood, as if she had suddenly become lighter and leaned helplessly against him.

She leaned her head against his chest, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes were red as she touched his shirt. "Mason, please take me away," she pleaded

"Okay." He kissed her forehead and didn't expect this to happen. If he had known that she would cry, he wouldn't have brought her here.

He had already heard that Ashely would come to Moore's birthday party tonight, but he had never expected that the she would be so heartless.

No matter what difficulties she had, there was no reason for her to do so. Was there any other reason that she was afraid of?

But soon, he smiled bitterly. Didn't his mother wish that she hadn't given birth to him? Bella's words made his heart ache.

Resting her arms on his chest, Bella closed her eyes and didn't want to see anyone.

Moore felt sorry for them. It was a happy moment for both of them, but he didn't expect to be like this.

Mason walked up to Moore and bowed to him apologetically. "I'm sorry, Mr. Moore. I should have congratulated you and given you a birthday gift. I didn't expect such a thing to happen."

"It doesn't matter. It's good that you are all right. Take good care of Miss Su, who is not easy." Although he didn't know much about their conversation, his Chinese wife understood. He was more curious about Ashely's daughter.

"The gift is in your bedro

r a large area, but it can save the most space in every corner without furniture. Except for the wall, 2/3 of it is transparent and has a strong natural light.

In the evening, the light outside shone in. Even if the light was not turned on, the room was still very bright.

Mason turned on the light and was about to make dinner for her.

He wore an apron with light gray plaid, which was very suitable for men. Since Bella was not in the mood to eat, he would cook for her. If grandma gave her the dishes she liked, she would definitely get up and have a few bites.

The braised chicken, mushroom and tomato and egg soup were her most familiar taste.

When Mason was about to cook, someone was knocking on the door, a guest came. The doorbell rang one after another, making people upset.

It was so late. Who was it?

Normally, Mark wouldn't come to his home at this time, especially when he couldn't complete the task he gave him.

When Mason opened the door, he saw an unwelcome face.

Tim leaned against the door and smelled the delicious food in the room. He went straight inside and said, "the food is ready. Don't you invite guests to have a seat inside?"

When Mason was about to push the door open, he saw that Tim's foot was against the crack.

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