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   Chapter 162 Mr. Mason's Sudden Proposal

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6280

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Mason took the box and looked at it thoughtfully.

Seeing the pink package and the light purple silk ribbon, Bella liked very much. But she didn't know what Moore had personally made for her, when Mason had known Moore, and whether when she had studied here.

"It's for you, Bella." Mason pushed the box in front of Bella and encouraged her, "open it."

She was a little embarrassed. "Isn't it appropriate to open the gift in person, which was made by Moore?"

"Miss Su, you misunderstood. This is customized by Mr. Mason. Although I made it myself, many of inspirations were given to me by him. I just follow his instructions, constantly perfect and try to get close to what he wants."

Bella was moved. Although she had met many pursuers who sent flowers and BMW, they didn't spend so much time making gifts for her.

Moore was her favorite designer, and his design was the most favorite in the fashion circle. However, the reason why Bella liked his design was that his design concept was natural, which never followed the trend. He had to grasp the inspiration no matter how hard he tried. At such an old age, he often stayed up late to design, fearing that the inspiration would disappear in the next second.

Moreover, the wife of master Moore was a Chinese. Many of his ideas were mixed with ancient style or ancient cultural elements, which Bella liked them very much.

Under the watch of Mason and Moore, she opened the package and showed the symbolic box. Her heart beat faster and didn't know what inside.

"Mr. Mason, aren't you going to open it yourself?" Moore urged, pushing his arm.

With a smile, Mason opened the box gently.

Although Bella couldn't see what was inside, she could see the expression on Mason's face. The corners of his mouth were rarely raised in such a big angle.

"Bella, give me your hand." He slowly put away his smile an

ng inappropriate. As long as you agree, we will go to church to get married tomorrow." Mason tucked her hair behind her ear, put the ring on her finger, and relaxed. "But I don't want to give you a casual wedding ceremony. When we come back, we can take wedding photos together and then start to prepare for..."

Suddenly, Bella pressed his mouth and said, "don't say it now. I don't think it's true."

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open with a bang. The sound of high heels stepping on the marble floor was very loud.

The two of them were frightened and turned around to look at the door, wondering who would rush to Moore's house and kick the door open so violently. And this door was very far from the hall. It was the lounge outside Moore's study.

It was her?

When Bella's saw the woman, she stopped and felt that she could not breath.

The woman was exactly the one in the photo that Tim gave to her last time. She was wearing an evening dress which was piled up and tailor-made of soft green smoke, a pair of high-heeled shoes of more than ten centimeters on her feet, and the aura of red lips was so intimidating that she directly walked in front of Bella, with an indescribable pressure and fierceness in her eyes.

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