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   Chapter 159 Resignation Letter

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Mark's body trembled. Although he was not very familiar with Sherry, he knew her well.

Mason was asking him to send her out?

"Mason, why can't you think about me? Lucy is the past, and this woman is obviously not suitable. I love you so much. It's your best choice! After we get married, we don't need to have children. Just like many couples, it's good to adopt one... "

"Creak!" just as she tried her best to persuade Mason and told her thought about their future, the bedroom door opened.

With sleepy eyes, Bella rubbed her eyes and saw clearly the person in the living room. She paused for a few seconds and then looked at Mason, saying lazily, "I'm thirsty. Can you get me a glass of water?"

Mason walked up to her and blocked her way.

She was wearing pajamas, which were one centimeter above her knees. His face was overcast. How could he be seen at such a moment, especially when Mark was there.

"Honey, you go in first. I'll get it for you." He pushed Bella to the bedroom and looked back at Mark. The cold arrow pierced through his chest.

Mark turned around slowly and coughed awkwardly.

Sherry looked at her back blankly. No wonder Do men like this kind of beautiful women with big waists and buttocks? Moreover, between pure and charming, Bella's face was the kind of face that could kill both men and women

Mason walked slowly to the water dispenser, depressed.

Sherry didn't have enough confidence and timidly walked up to her. "Mason..."

"Don't say that again! If Bella gets angry, you don't have to see me anymore. I like this woman for my whole life and will never change. " If it weren't for the his cousin whom he had taken good care of when he was a child, he would have fallen out with her. He felt strange to say such rebellious words in front of Bella. He felt very s

t as soon as possible.

When Mason walked out of the bedroom, he felt a little relieved when she saw that Sherry wasn't there. But it was necessary for him to visit aunt. If she continued to act like this, it would be detrimental to her growth.

Bella slept for a long time and got up to cook at noon.

Mason put aside his work and worked as an assistant for Bella. He liked to watch Bella cooking, which was not easy to learn. Maybe he really got the heritage of her grandmother. He had done it several times according to his memory, but very simple potato silk could not make the taste.

Mark packed the bags and left when Bella walked out of the bedroom.

On the second day, Bella handed in her resignation letter and resigned from the company she had worked for three years. In fact, the company was very big. For her, she wouldn't have worked here if it hadn't been for Diana. But now, she had to leave here because of Diana.

There was nothing to miss, but there were mixed feelings for Diana. She was indeed the culprit, but she had the right to say no to such a way of handling.

However, Diana was the person Bella was most grateful for. So, Bella left in time to give Diana an explanation.

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