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   Chapter 158 Mason, Wait For Me

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6684

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When Mark arrived at Mason's house, he saw Mason cooking porridge. The porridge with red dates, lotus seed and white fungus was warm and nutritious. In addition, Bella was ill in bed, so Mark soon knew what had happened.

"Ahem, boss, are you too cruel to make sister-in-law unable to get up? It's a big news!" Mark put the two heavy laptops on the table.

"When can we go back? Bella wants to come back."

Mark knew that his boss didn't want to talk about it, so he said seriously, "I'll meet the German businessman in the afternoon and go to the factory to check the production base. Then we can go back."

"Well, let's analyze the domestic situation first." He turned off the heat and sat down to turn on the computer.

If he guessed right, Bella would go back in two days. He had to deal with the domestic situation before going back.

Mark was about to tell Mason this, so he sat down and reported it to him carefully.

It was said that when Jack came back, he left all the work here to his subordinates. Mason had talked to Jack about the cooperation before, so he had to go to find Jack. Although he didn't like Jack because of personal grudges, business was still business. If he wanted to make profit, he had to find a strong partner.

As for the public opinion, he needed to make a good preparation in advance, in case that Bella would fall into a passive position because of him. The situation was a little complicated at that time. He didn't think that it must be Bella, but now it was different, so what happened in the past couldn't happen again!

Lucy, who had been used to the glamour of life, didn't even bring an assistant with her at home. She was wholeheartedly thinking about how to retrieve and get close to Mason. So she couldn't stay here any longer.

She called Mason, but he didn't answer. The second time she called him, phone was turned off. Lucy was not discouraged and called his assistant Mark.

"Where is your boss? Why didn't he answer my phone?" The

broke up with him, that woman was by his side now and treated him so well. She was so anxious.

If that woman stayed with Mason all her life, she would never get her brother.

"Stop it, Sherry." She got up from her seat and walked to the door of the living room from the balcony. She was worried that the voice of Sherry's love would disturb Katrina and make her angry.

"Mason!" Stop it! What Sherry hated the most was that Mason always treated her words as her temper. No matter when, he thought she was still a kid.

She had always wanted to be the bride of Mason. Even if she was her brother, they could get married. They were not close relatives. She had seen similar people get married before. In fact, as long as she could be with Mason, she didn't want to be a child. As long as they didn't have children, there would be no obstacle for them to be together.

"Sherry, I love Bella. And you can't talk nonsense anymore. I will be worried." He frowned and said, "don't say that again, or it will be difficult for aunt to explain."

With excitement written all over her face, Sherry trotted towards Mason and said, "my mother is on my side. If I can marry you, it's not impossible!"

"……" She turned around and cast a cold glance at Mark, who was washing fruits in the kitchen. "Take her out. Don't disturb Bella!"

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