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   Chapter 157 Someone Is Asking For Too Much

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6565

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"Mason Don't be so impulsive. I agree, okay? " Bella pulled his belt weakly, because there was indeed no clothes above his waist to pull. In a hurry, she pulled his trousers.

"That's my good girl. Take off clothes and take a shower."

Her skin was fair and smooth, without any extra fat all over her body. Since he was with her, he hated that he hadn't met her earlier. Only after five years of cultivation could he hold the beauty in his arms. Naturally, he treated her as a treasure.

Today, she was not in good health and didn't want to move. So Mason acted as a servant girl to help her change clothes. It was the first time that they took a shower together. Soaking in the appropriate water and holding a blood spraying figure that made people dare not to look, he began to regret this suggestion. The light in the bathroom was very strong. It was the first time that he had seen her in such a clear light.

After having sex, Bella had changed a lot. Her skin was smooth and sexy. Her flat and tight belly and curvaceous figure made him collapsed in the soft light and mist of water.

"Bella..." He suddenly made a sound, as quiet as a cat, without any movement except talking.

"What?" She replied lazily. She was surprised that he was so honest that she closed eyes to enjoy the nerve relaxation brought by the water temperature.

"Bella." He almost broke into a line and called her name again.

"HMM Don't say anything. " She waved her hand tiredly and was pressed into the water by him the next second

With the tenderness of the hot water, he held her arms and lifted her up by her waist

"Ah!" "You HMM HMM... "


When she walked out of the bathroom, Mason held her in arms and put her on the bed.

Bella thought she could go to bed in this way, but she didn't expect that he would pounce on her again the moment drying her hair patiently.

After hundreds of rounds, the two fell asleep very late. How Bella wished s

then, why should she wait for a month? Diana wanted her to leave in advance, and Bella didn't want to stay any longer.

If it weren't for what happened three years ago, she wouldn't have stayed in a foreign country for so long. Now that the person she loved worked in China, her best choice was to return. Even if they didn't stay in the same city, they could at least see each other if they wanted to.

"It depends. If you decide to go back, I'll take you with me." He couldn't help smiling, satisfied with her wit.

"Okay. Go ahead. I want to have a rest at home today. " She turned around and didn't want to get up. She was so sleepy.

"Then I'll ask Mark to come here. He won't go out today and will stay with you at home. If you don't want to get up, I'll make some porridge, have some before going to bed. " Seeing the dark circles in her eyes, Mason couldn't bear to leave Bella alone at home.

"HMM No, thanks. " She tightened the quilt and buried herself in the pillow, only thinking about sleeping again.

He smiled helplessly, tucked her in, turned around and left the bedroom. Since she had been squeezed too much, he had to make some breakfast for her, or she would easily lose weight. He secretly called the family doctor, so after that, he must make sure Bella has enough nutrition.

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