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   Chapter 155 What A Horrible Woman

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6084

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After coming out of Lucy's, Mark was in a good mood. He had always been good at making things worse, which he was proud of. After all, he was Mason's best military officer.

In order to reward him for being sensible, he decided to buy himself a cup of coffee and another for boss. It could be seen that Mason was in a bad mood. Perhaps he had a conflict with Bella again.

He opened the door of the coffee shop and heard someone calling him at the front desk.

"Mark, why are you here? Where is Mason?" Sherry smiled innocently and appeared.

How could he meet her here? Mark couldn't help but feel ashamed. His boss was really charming. Wherever he went, there were endless peach blossoms. For so many years, it had never stopped. It was the most difficult and persistent test for him.

Two days ago, Sherry had been mad at Mason and complained to Mark in tears.

In the evening, Sherry called Mason, but she didn't expect to hear that he was taking a shower for Bella. She nearly ended her life because of this.

But today, it seemed that she was not so bad. She was still sunny and confident, and Mark was not sure.

"He's busy. What about you? Why are you here? Didn't you go to class?" Mark couldn't help but feel curious about the girl who had always regarded Mason as the prince charming. How did she treat her feelings? How could she easily forgive such a serious matter?

"I don't want to have class. I'm sad." As she spoke, she looked down at the thing in her hand, and she became depressed.

"In fact, I've figured it out. It's Mason's right to decide whom he likes. He always thinks that I'm just a child and let other women be my sister-in-law just to deceive me into giving up on him. But I've grown up. I can eat and sleep with him. If he wants to have a baby, I can do it. So I'm going to

the Feiyang Group hadn't set up a branch here, nor they wanted to. And Mason didn't like to go to the business places under the group.

What Mark didn't know was that he had got the most clear information. The next battle of thoughts among these women was going to completely overturn his world.

Bella was still in a bad mood. She had been in a daze for half an hour when Mason came to pick her up. Along the way, she didn't say anything, nor did Mason force her.

He found a place to have dinner casually. After all, Bella was not in the mood to cook now, and neither was Mason. This woman was so confused that he had no motivation.

Just as he was about to break the ice, his phone rang. It was Lucy.

He couldn't help answering the phone when he saw Bella watching TV absentmindedly.

"Hello, Lucy. What's up?" He raised his eyebrows to see if Bella would react.

But to his disappointment, Bella was still staring at the TV, not even changing channels when the advertisement came out.

Lucy was pleasantly surprised. She hadn't heard Mason call her name for a long time, so she couldn't help but exclaim excitedly, "Mason, you haven't called me like that for a long time. I miss it so much."

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