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   Chapter 154 The Best Assist Appeared

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"I see. Since we can't find it out by ourselves, I will resort to other channels." He wasn't surprised if it was really a highly risky task, but he was worried that this person took over the task about Bella.

Tim, they had once worked in a mysterious organization. If his company was actually doing that kind of task, then the situation of Bella could be imagined!

"Okay, I'm going to buy some medicine." Seeing the expression on his face, Mark stopped asking.

As far as he knew, Tim and Mason had known each other before.

"OK." He must find someone immediately.

At this moment, Lucy, who was nervously changing her clothes and checking her makeup in her room, looking forward to seeing Mason. She wondered whether he would not hate her so much because of their previous relationship.

If she changed to the clothes she had worn in the past, would he be closer to her?

People always said that first love was the most unforgettable thing, but Mason was always picky. Once he was hurt, it was not difficult to look back. However, Lucy insisted that she was the most special one.

In just half an hour, she had changed several clothes, applied a facial mask and made up, trying to make herself as young and beautiful as five years ago.

"Ding Dong..."

Someone rang the doorbell?

Lucy pricked up her ears and quickly put away the clothes in her hands. Then she realized that she was sick and couldn't be too coquettish. She quickly applied some powder on her face to make her look a little pale.

Fortunately, she wore light make-up today, or it would be too late to change.

She straightened her white dress. She remembered that Mason used to like girls who wear white dresses, so she chose this one. In fact, she didn't like to wear a white dress. Her skin was not so bright and she couldn't hold easily.

She opened the door with a faint smile. When she saw

uninterested in that kind of thing!

"When did it happen?"

"You don't know that our boss had slept with her the first time they met. If my memory serves me right, five years ago, before you left, he was chased and almost died by someone on the riverside. "

"What?" Lucy felt that her body and mind were collapsing. How could it be possible? She didn't know that five years ago, Mason had fallen in love with Bella!

Mark snickered. He had tampered with a little bit of the truth. In fact, Bella met with Mason after Lucy left. She didn't know that Mason had been chased two times before!

Since this woman wasn't meant to be with her, the only thing he could do was to make this disgusting woman stop thinking about her, and stop making things difficult for Bella and her husband.

The two of them had already had a lot of things to do. Lucy was an out of date woman. How charming she was!

Since a man had eliminated her from the social circle, it meant that he had already given up on this woman! Most importantly, Bella and Lucy were not the same kind of people. The biggest difference between them was their conscience. One was kind, and the other was greedy. How could Mason be blind?

It was unbelievable for such a brainless woman!

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