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   Chapter 151 See My Love Again

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After returning to her residence, Lucy Bai was still worried about her previous cooperation. She still felt uneasy, so she decided to call that person again and ask him clearly. It was all because she was confused by his appearance at that time.

The assistant made an appointment with Tim Chu again. It was rare that he appeared again, with an indifferent attitude.

Lucy Bai had seldom seen such an outstanding man before, especially when he had the same imposing manner as Mason Ye, she was naturally led by him.

Although Lucy Bai didn't think this way was enough to achieve her goal, she knew that Bella Su was indeed her biggest enemy. She didn't know what kind of charm Bella Su had, but she had successfully seduced Mason Ye.

But that was enough. Even if she couldn't achieve her goal, she wouldn't lose anything. She didn't have to do it herself, and it was obvious that she was confident about this. Why not do such a good thing.

"Okay, deal!" She didn't expect to meet such a good thing as soon as she got off the plane. Lucy Bai had planned to take advantage of her vacation to deal with that woman slowly. Now she didn't need to worry too much. If anything bad happened, she could still get out safely!

Tim Chu looked this second-line star up and down, he couldn't help but looked down upon Mason Ye's eyes.

But Bella Su was really a good girl.

She stood in the room where she had lived for three years and stared blankly at everything here. The most difficult memory of Bella Su was here, and the happiest memory was also here. The quilt and pillow she had cried, only in this bed could she feel the most. Now there was only a bed sheet left, and all her things had been packed. Looking at the empty room, the small family that had existed for three years disappeared in this way.

Things had turned out like this, and there was no turning back. She only hoped that Miss Diana could come out as soon as possible, and more hoped that Jack Wen could be loyal to Miss Diana.

The moving company was so efficient that it wouldn't take long. She watered the flowers on the balcony and fed the little fish that had been raised for three years. Then she put the key on the table in th

nfused, Mason Ye returned home and saw the packed bags neatly stacked in the corner, he suddenly understood.

His Bella had fallen out with Bonnie, and the only possibility was that it was Kelvin!

Bang! He punched the wall hard and the back of his hand was skinned!

He walked into the bedroom gently and saw Bella Su lying on the bed with her clothes. Her eyes were swollen from crying, like walnuts.

Damn it! What the hell did Jack Wen do! It was dinner time, or he wanted to talk to him now!

"Bella, it's time for dinner." He drew back the curtain of the room. It was not yet dark outside. He was more furious when he saw her crying like this for an unworthy man!

Although he knew that she was mostly because of Diana Liang, but perhaps because of Jack Wen, he felt more and more angry!

"I'm not hungry. You eat first." She wiped her eyes, turned over and went back to sleep.

She tried her best not to lose her temper. How much did she care about that man!

Stand still on the ground quietly. After a while, he turned around and left! Still he had to find Jack Wen, or he couldn't fall asleep tonight!

Mark Liang was almost scared to death when he received the call from Mason Ye! He had a bad feeling that Jack Wen might be beaten!

Today, Jack Wen didn't go anywhere, but Diana Liang still insisted on working. It could be seen that what was struggling in his heart!

Mason Ye knocked at Jack Wen's door and a blow threw him to the floor.

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