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   Chapter 150 Friendship Was Destroyed

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6643

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Bella nodded. "I know. Thank you for your kindness. In fact, I also plan to end my courses and design in advance so as to stay in the same city with Mason You don't have to do this at all, or you will be uncomfortable. "

"You know, we finally made up last night and had sex. You know, it's the first time for both of us, who are nearly thirty years old. We have reserved complete self for each other. But... " Diana looked out of the window sadly. Her tearful eyes reflected from the window glass, making people heartbroken.

Bella's heart skipped a beat. It couldn't be like that.

"He called your name when he was in love!" She suddenly spoke in a heavy tone. The toothpick in her hand was broken by her, and bean sized tears fell from the her eyes.

Bella felt that she was hit by a heavy stone over her head, and her whole body was pressed on the ground, out of breath.

Why is that?

Bella felt a pain in her chest. Seeing that friend she cared most was in pain because of her, Bella felt that she really shouldn't have appeared in front of Diana.

They were really persistent, but Jack was more persistent. Bella had said that it was impossible for them to be together. Why did he still call her name? Even if there was nothing, maybe it was just because the previous obsession in his heart was too deep that he made a mistake?

But Diana didn't believe it.

Bella's fingers were trembling and she lost appetite. She wiped her mouth and was about to leave.

"Wait a minute. I didn't mean to blame you, really." Diana stopped her, "sit down first and wait for me to finish. Otherwise, you will be my best friend. But now, we can only be ordinary friends at most. It turns out that I really become an ugly and unreasonable woman. "

"No..." Bella explained weakly and shook her head. They couldn't be friends anymore.

Her voice was a little stable. "In fact, he had apologized, and I accepted it. He said he was just used to it It doesn't matter if he didn't expl

countered something very important, ' he thought.

If he knew that the man who had bullied Bella, he would not spare him!

He called Mark and asked him to cancel the meeting this afternoon. A guest who came from another country could only be arranged tomorrow.

Mason had told himself long ago that nothing was more important than Bella and that he must be with her when she needed his help. He had never had a chance before, and now that he could seize it, he would definitely make it.

Some things were very simple, but they were not that important, so they missed and left many regrets and hidden dangers.

He sent her to the newly bought house, and Bella had no objection. She finally cried, but she didn't want to tell him the reason. Under the insistence of Mason, she decided to tell him the truth when he came back tonight.

Mason didn't leave until she felt tired and fell asleep.

In fact, Bella didn't fall asleep, but because she was very tired, she closed her eyes and got rid of him not far away.

She had to go to Diana's to get her things back. She couldn't live with Diana anymore, so she had to pack them up when she was not here.

After finding a moving company, Bella got out of bed and went out. As a woman, Bella didn't dare to imagine the damage caused by what Jack had said to Diana.

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