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   Chapter 148 Cooperate To Separate Them

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6468

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Well, seeing her begging for mercy, he didn't have the heart to bully her. Otherwise, he would look like a bad man.

No one could understand how it felt to be snatched away by someone?

In this way, Mason ran to the swimming pool in the yard and swam for two hours before taking a rest.

Sitting in the garden in a daze, Bella wondered why Mason liked to bully people so much. Men were horrible. Fortunately, he was tender to women. In fact, he was quite cute.

The CEO of the Feiyang Group was so cute Miracle.

At this moment, when Tim learned that Mason had specially bought a house and brought Bella to live in, he was inexplicably upset.

Their misunderstandings should not be solved so soon. His original plan was disrupted and he was very unhappy.

How could he get such a woman?

"Rat-a-tat!" The assistant knocked on the door and came in.

"What's the matter?"

"Boss, the ex girlfriend of Mason, Lucy Bai is also here."

"Lucy Bai?" With a faint smile, Tim said, "It's interesting. If you are sleepy, someone will send you a pillow. It's funny."

The assistant was confused. "But Lucy Bai is obviously not a match for Bella. After all, in the past three years, Mason didn't even look at her. When she framed up Bella three years ago and spread all over the city, Mason had a grudge against her."

"Oh? It's useless. Forget it. "

"But it can't be considered useless. After all, she came here for only one purpose. That woman not only wanted to be rich, but also wanted to be Mason's wife. Alas, women didn't cherish what she gets.

"When did you become a love expert? Then do it!" He only cared about the result.

"Got it!" The assistant knew that he had talked too much, so he quickly stopped smiling, turned around and walked out of the office.

"Wait a minute. Call her and ask her to see me. Do you know what to do?" Now that Mason had once loved her dearly, she would definitely help Tim. So

wed the identity of the other party. They were either rich or noble.

"I've known Mason since I was a child. Now that you want to marry her, it's appropriate for us to make a deal." The man said straightforwardly, leaving no time for Lucy to think.

Lucy was stunned. Although she didn't like this way of chatting, she didn't dare to neglect it considering the real identity of the other party. She smiled, "I don't know who you are. Why do you know me so well?"

"You will know it in the future. What I want to say is that we have the same goal. It's good for both of us to break up their relationship. And you are his ex girlfriend. I guess you know him very well. I know everything about Mason. Of course, except for the specialized investigation, the rest of your business is just on the way. In our industry, you are very cautious. Especially when we cooperate with each other, we won't easily reveal any information about our cooperation. " Tim's voice was cold and his words were clear, but he spoke very fast, like a robot.

"In that case, what do you want to know? How can you guarantee that I will be with him again?" She finally understood and gradually became confident. She continued calmly, "If I can really get the identity of Mrs. Ye, I can pay as much as you want."

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