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   Chapter 147 Torturing Temptress

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 5918

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Standing at the door of the living room, Mason thought, 'Sherry used to be silly and cute. After few years, she is still as naive and domineering as before.'.

He shook head and went back to table. "You were angry with me yesterday, weren't you?"

"No." Bella quickly denied, "You misunderstood me."

"Really? Then why did you call me a liar and want to break up with me after getting drunk?"

"……" "Maybe you misheard."

"Really?" He suddenly approached her ear and smelled her. "Did I suffer a lot last night? You made me take cold shower the whole night."

Bella's ears turned red and her neck became hot. She took a bite of the sandwich and said, "Have a good breakfast, or I won't have dinner with you tonight."

"……" Mason raised his eyebrows. 'She knows my weakness, that is can't miss the time with her, ' he thought. This was the most common and luxurious thing for a couple. He just wanted to watch her eat and ask her to eat more and gain some weight by the way.

"Sit well, or your good sister will hate you more." Seeing what she said worked, Bella ordered him indifferently.

"Bella, are you threatening your boyfriend? Is it immoral?" He pulled her into his arms and said, "Don't move, just a hug. I was afraid that you would run away in a fit of anger when you misunderstood me last night. I was very careful when I held you." His voice was very low and her ears were itchy, so she shrank her neck involuntarily.

"You Go away. " She pushed him away in disgust. "What are you going to do today? I want to check materials. There will be big progress on work on Monday. I can't be unprepared." In fact, she just didn't want to spend all her time on him. Besides, Mason didn't have that much time. He must have a lot of work.

"Okay, I won'

not be described. She had to hold his neck.

"Aren't you stubborn? Since you are not obedient, I must remind my girlfriend to be good to her boyfriend." As he spoke, he arrived at the door of the bedroom.

Bella was still a little scared. She felt terrible at the thought of the pain the day before yesterday and hadn't recovered yet. Although there was a little expectation in his heart, he was too domineering. If he couldn't control himself, her legs were weak at the thought of it.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pleaded in a soft voice, "I'm sorry, Mason. I'll be gentle to you from now on. I won't misunderstand you like this I'm afraid of pain. "

Suddenly, he stopped and began to sway. Bella was the best food in the world. Now that she had almost finished breakfast, he didn't want to miss what he hadn't done.

However, her sudden cowardice softened his heart.

"Mason, I I haven't recovered yet. You can't bully me. " She climbed up and grabbed his shoulder tightly like an octopus. "Let me go, okay?"

"……" She is begging for mercy, but her tone is a little enchanting... ' 'What a bad girl! Doesn't she know that I'm not going to let her go?

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