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   Chapter 146 I Almost Went Too Far

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"Well, sit down and have a taste. Calm down first. We can have a good talk after breakfast." He raised his eyebrows and took her to sit beside him. It turned out that he hadn't moved his chopsticks and had been waiting for her to come out.

Bella looked at him carefully. Did he feel her bad mood? Did he know it was because of a woman?

When she was about to taste the porridge, the doorbell rang.

Mason patted her shoulder and said, "Sit down. I'll go to check."

"Okay." This place was newly bought, but did anyone already know the address?

Looking at the back of Mason, Bella put down the spoon thoughtfully. Had she misunderstood love for such a long time?

In fact, she had met a lot of men who wanted to show their love, but she didn't like, even rejected. Therefore, she was not willing to go to places like bars that boys liked. Therefore, Diana laughed at Bella for she was even colder than her.

But why did she trust Mason again and again? Why did she doubt him?

"Mason, why don't you take me to see your new house? I've been persuading you to buy one over the years and don't stay in a hotel all the time. I didn't expect you to buy such a small house all of a sudden. It's not your style." A crisp girl's voice sounded, which made Bella prick up her ears subconsciously.

"Why did I buy that big? There are not many people living here." With a bland smile, Mason said, "Let's go. I want to introduce a person to you."

"Introduce a person? Is there anyone at home? Who is it? " While they were talking, they walked into the living room and saw Bella.

Her back trembled slightly. It was the beautiful woman she saw yesterday. She was wearing a pure white short skirt today, a little above her knees, with a delicate face and figure. Overall, she was like a doll, and her skin was so tender that it could be squeezed out.

When Bella was looking

much care, so Mason took good care of her. That was why he allowed her to marry him when she was a child.

Bella had been watching coldly from beginning to end. The porridge in front of him was still attractive. Anyway, she misunderstood him yesterday, but he did have the right to be liked by other girls. He had been pursued by many girls since he was a child, and she was not bad. Why should he be angry with others? What a fool! Girls in love were all brainless.

'Bella, you can't be that silly and naive girl anymore.

She ate the porridge leisurely. It tasted good, so she said indifferently, "Hmm, it tastes good. Thank you, Mason."

Initially, Mason was worried that Bella wouldn't misunderstand. But now, haring Bella saying something like that, he was relieved.

"You You, you've gone too far! " Sherry had always thought that Mason was her best choice to get married in the future. But now she had finally grown up, but he loved another girl and even bullied her together.

"Sherry, where are you going?" When Mason was about to sit down, he saw Sherry turning around and walking out of the living room. "Sherry!"

" Mason bullied me. I must talk to my uncle!" After saying that, she ran out of the yard with tears in her eyes.

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