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   Chapter 143 Feed Her Strength

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"No, I just feel a little hot and annoyed. So I want to have something exciting and appetizing. " She looked out of the window indifferently, but she couldn't pretend to be happy.

Mason didn't say anything. He frowned and focused on driving.

When they arrived at the restaurant Bella was familiar with, he called someone else first.

Bella went straight to the dining room and found a seat randomly. Looking at the menu, she was in a worse mood! Why did he call at this time? Who should he explain to? That girl?

She flipped through the menu and ordered several usual dishes. She knocked on the table and stared at him indifferently.

A few minutes later, Mason went in. Bella didn't see anything unusual on his face, and he just looked at her inquisitively.

She waited for the dishes seriously and focused on her favorite dishes. Although the kung pao chicken was not as authentic as that in China, it tasted good. The beef belly was her favorite. After all, the people here might not like this dish. It was nothing but spicy. Besides, the fish with pickled vegetables tasted good. She liked the spicy and sour food, mixed with numb, which was fun. She was excited and have a better mood.

Mason stared at her, but do nothing. Obviously, every expression of her showed that she had something on her mind, but she doesn't want to tell him.

"Do you want some wine?" He put away his phone. Mark told him that Bella went out to the square at noon. So he intended to get the answer from her.

His Bella wouldn't have anything to do with Tim. The woman beside him was his cousin. Did she misunderstood? Did she think that he dated his lover when he was at work?

On the one hand, Mason felt relieved, but on the other hand, he was dissatisfied. If she was always so easy to be used, and if he didn't send Mark to investigate what was going on, he might think that she went to see Tim because she was cooperating with him to do something harmful

ething else first. I'll peel it before you eat." Holding her wrist, Mason put a large plate of lobster in front of him, took out a clean plate and put it aside, concentrating on peeling the lobster.

Was this the compensation for guilt?

In order not to be disturbed by him, she shook her head and put those messy thoughts behind, concentrating on the delicious food.

"Here is screw." Two dishes of fried hot screw were placed on the table, which became too crowd.

The considerate waitress removed the dishes that had almost finished. Bella was enjoying her meal elegantly. She sat with her eyes on the delicious food in front of her and almost didn't raise her head to look at Mason.

"Here you are." Mason put the peeled shrimps in front of her and continued to put a plate of screw in front of him.

She felt a little embarrassed. She looked up at him and asked, "Don't you eat?"

He smiled at her, which relieved her a lot. "I heard that the screw is good. I'll try some and remove the shell for you."

"No, it's interesting to shave it by myself. You can eat it yourself." After saying that, she focused on eating again.

Mason raised her eyebrows and decided to let it go. What happened three years ago couldn't happen again. This was the other people's trick. Would he be afraid?

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