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   Chapter 142 We Can't Turn Blind Eye To It

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6269

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Bella hid in the car until it went far away from the square.

"Put me down." She wanted to think quietly where she had changed.

"Miss Su, if you are in a bad mood, I can buy you a drink." Tim Chu slowly stopped the car, but didn't mean to open the door.

"No, thanks. I don't like drinking." She could tell what was on his mind. Now she was not a silly girl. She wouldn't get drunk in the bar just because of some ups and downs. If she met a bad man by accident, she would ruin her life.

She preferred to drink alone.

"Well, in that case, I'll go to work. If you need anything, call me at any time. After all, I'm well paid by Mason. Don't waste. " Before leaving, Tim Chu didn't forget to rub salt on her wound.

Glancing at him indifferently, Bella got off the car, closed the door and disappeared in the crowd without looking back.

Her heart sank. Why was Mason with the girl who looked like her? Did he recognize her just now. If she had really shown up to confront him just now, would she not have such an embarrassing ending until the next time they broke up.

'Is she just a substitute for Mason? Is he just acting in front of me?' Bella wondered. Perhaps it was because of her mother's identity and the interests, or perhaps it was because her mother didn't agree to let them be together.

'Does Mason know my identity? 'Bella wondered.

The current situation was like a second ago, she was still enjoying the sunshine bath in heaven, but soon she fell to the eighteenth layers of hell, suffering a lot that human could not understand.

Walking indifferently, Bella's mood was like a candy jumping up and down in a cola. The scene she saw just now was hovering in her mind for a long time and could not be eliminated.

She didn't know if she should believe what she had seen or try to find out the truth. And Tim asked her to get to that place a

want to eat. Let's go now? " In fact, he had eaten just now and was not very hungry, but Bella did not eat. He felt a little sorry for her.

He came here to accompany her, but he still let her eat alone.

"Okay, let's go." She had eaten something, but now she was in a bad mood. Only delicious food could distract her attention.

"Okay." She really wanted to ask, but she kept it in her heart. After all, everything was full of confusion. The most important thing was that she believed in such a hug, which was very stable.

He helped her into the car and said with a smile, "You look so young and beautiful in this dress. It seems that I am in a relationship with a college student."

"Am I that old? I'm still thirty years old. Unlike college students, I can't be old woman." She suddenly thought of the young figure, who looked like herself three years ago. She wore a pure white dress, full of collagen on her face, and smiled brightly.

"Bella is so young. How could you be old woman? Silly girl, let's go. " He suddenly got close to her and fastened the seat belt for her. Only then did he find that there was a little coldness in her eyes.

"Are you unhappy?" The car started slowly. He turned to look at her and asked carefully.

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