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   Chapter 138 We Can't Cooperate

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6326

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Time was a miracle, for it could quietly turn everything that seemed impossible into an unchangeable reality. Besides time, there was also the truth that was irreversible.

"It doesn't matter. I really appreciate the time. If god let us see each other in the past three years, I will meet her every time I come to this city. So I don't blame anyone. After all, everyone has paid for what they have done. " He referred to Lucy and Linda. When he found out the truth, he didn't show mercy at all.

With an unreadable smile, Jack said, "I understand. You are not the kind of man who is willing to suffer losses. Revenge is inevitable. Tell me, what do you want to do with me? "

"Dispose?" With a deep smile, Mason raised her head and cast a meaningful glance at him. "My cousin, if I punish you, Erin Chen might not let me go. I won't make trouble for myself."

At the mention of Erin, the look on Jack's face darkened. She was his aunt, but they had not been close for so many years, let alone meeting each other.

"Then go straight to the point. If you don't have anything important, you won't see me, will you?" After saying that, Jack subconsciously took a look at Bella, picked up the cup and took a sip of cola. The emotions in his eyes were surging.

"Cooperate. Let me cooperate with you. The project you are bidding here. " He held Bella in his arms and said, "Although the strength of Zhengtian Group is indeed not inferior to that of the Feiyang Group, you won't win that big project on your own. Although we have been out of the local market and become famous among the top five hundred companies in the world over the years, there are still a lot of big cross international projects that rarely have strength and capital. They are easily taken away by high-tech and low-cost big enterprises. How about we joining hands and the chance of winning is much higher? "

Bella was

mphant smile on Mason's face.

"Well, I don't want to be a relative, and I don't have the ability." After taking a sip of cola, Jack stood up and said, "You can continue. I'm going to work. As for the cooperation, I'll call you back some other day. I don't want such an unreliable partner who shows off your love without considering my feelings. "

Mason stared at his back, lost in thought.

"If you don't cherish what you have, it's too late to regret after you lose it that day. That's what Simon is like. He is very regretful now. You took away a woman he didn't pay attention to before. Now he is likely to come here for a vacation. " Perhaps it was because he didn't have the heart to do so, Mason blurted out without warning.

Bella frowned. They hadn't seen each other for three years. She couldn't understand what was happening to Mason now. He didn't seem to change his attitude towards her, but his way of doing things seemed to have no trace of the past. Everyone was growing up, and she seemed to be unable to keep up with them.

"Thank you. I'll figure it out." He waved his hand, letting his heart break into pieces in his chest. If love could be expressed clearly in one or two words, perhaps not so many sad love stories would happen.

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