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   Chapter 136 Meeting An Old Classmate

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6516

Updated: 2020-05-13 00:12

"It doesn't matter. We are old friends. Even if he recognized me, he wouldn't tell anyone. Don't worry. Wait for my good news. This is the most special order in history. It has been so boring for so many years. If I don't see something interesting, how can I deserve it? " Tim's handsome face turned to be cold, but he was gentle in private.

"What about Miss.Su?"

Don't tell her. I will report it to her when everything is clear ." After tidying up her clothes, Tim turned around and walked out.

The assistant looked at the direction where his boss left and had a bad feeling. He had been working for Tim so many years, but he had never seen him break his rules so many times, let alone for a woman. Although he tried his best to hide his relationship with Bella, he would not have planned to take a break during this period of time and suddenly snatched the job from his subordinate in person.

In the past, Tim had never interfered in the work, unless it was a famous mysterious person who gave the company a super difficulty task, he would only step in.

Alas, sure enough, Tim's reputation was going to be defeated by Bella.

But when they saw their boss finally falling in love, they were very happy for him. He just hoped that he would not repeat the same mistake.

It was a five star Michelin restaurant. When Bella and Mason appeared in the restaurant, Tim, who was sitting in a semi closed box, recognized them at the first sight.

Today, she wore a long pale yellow dress. The irregular hemline and the perfect design of the sleeveless outlined her good figure. Her skin was bright white, and her jade like arm was holding the arm of Mason. She was completely different from the last time he saw her. He knew that the difference came from the person beside her, Mason.

They hadn't seen each other for years.

This was the first time Tim had seen Mason in person since they were students. Now, Mason was a winner. He was s

thout saying anything.

"What's wrong, Mr. Mason? Didn't you ask me how I knew about her mother?" Seeing that he didn't say anything, Tim said in a low voice without any emotion.

"So, you are responsible for protecting her, but you have accepted several cases about her at the same time, right?" With his eyes narrowed, he said affirmatively.

Tim nodded with a smile. "You're so smart. You're indeed a smart woman. You've seen through everything in such a short time."

With a stern look on his face, he sneered, "in that case, we will have a lot of opportunities to cooperate in the future. Now that you have taken over the task I gave you and taken over the task about the same person at the same time, it is understandable if there is no conflict, but can you take back the deposit if you put other people's purpose first and put her safety and adverse reactions aside? "

"I can understand that. After all, when I met Miss Su before, I didn't mention the other thing that I was responsible for protecting her. It was our fault that we didn't give her psychological comfort." Tim put his hands on the table and crossed his ten fingers. "So, I can return the deposit to you as it is."

Mason had never seen anyone so hasty, especially someone like Tim, who was obviously against him.

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