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   Chapter 129 The Terrible Tim Chu

Every Kiss Is Timeless By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6730

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"I..." Diana Liang was speechless. She did hide it from Bella with Simon Xu, but it would not be explained clearly in a short time.

But his words did make sense.

"Our boss wants to have a talk with her in person, so I won't be with him. Don't worry. She will back to work safely. Your bodyguard is too eye-catching. She will definitely notice. " Then he took out a card from his pocket and said, "This is my card. If there is anything that can't be said face to face and can't be done in person, we are responsible for completing all the tasks for you, ranging from sending flowers to sending messages, even relieve the disaster for you. Anyway, you will use it."

"……" Diana Liang looked at the assistant in disgust, "So you know my name and information not only because of Bella, but also because you think I'm a potential customer?"

The assistant smiled shyly. "You can say that. After all, you are up to our customer standard, who is worth tens of millions."

"……" She rolled her eyes and said, "I don't need it. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you were asked to kill me one day?"

"Miss Liang, you're wrong. We have principles. We have to meet ten rules for helping others to solve the disaster, including whether the other party is innocent, whether there is a child who needs to be raised by the elderly, all of us have to consider outside Hello, Miss Liang! " Before he finished his words, Diana Liang walked out.

"Bye." She didn't want to have any connection with this kind of person.

The assistant was also helpless, but he had completed at least one task, which was to holdback Lucy. At this time, the boss should have taken away Bella and had a chance to stay alone with her.

As soon as Bella entered the elevator, she saw a tall and familiar man walk into it. He stood in front of her with sunglasses. She didn't want others to see her embarrassment, so she held back her tears and didn't make a sound.

"Here you are." He stretched out his slender arms and fingers and handed a pi

e dinner without splitting the bill. It's my treat, so help yourself. " While Bella was thinking about it, he actually spoke out her thoughts.

She was stunned and suddenly felt that the person in front of her was so terrible. How could she say such direct words? It was so embarrassing. Could he read his mind? He could still hear what she was thinking. No No No, it was so horrible!

"Miss Su, I don't know how to read people's minds, so it's just a professional habit that makes people feel very uncomfortable. Besides, I don't mean to harm you. I won't talk so much in usual. But your series of questions just now made me realize that for a special person like you, it's better to explain clearly, or it will cause unnecessary trouble. "

"……" Dumbfounded! She couldn't find any word to say. To describe her feelings at this moment.

"This is my name card. If you have any questions in the future, I can help you solve them. Since you are our special object of protection, we will give you free of charge. " Then he handed her a simple business card.

Bella looked at the business card blankly. In addition to his name, Tim Chu, there was also a phone number and an e-mail number of work. There was no other specific information. Oh, yes, there was a eye-catching symbol in the upper right corner, like mysterious ancient words.

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